The vision of this weekly talk show is simply to provoke conversations that will lead to actions around the pressing issues facing Africa today. And to do this by engaging top leaders in the socio political space who profess faith in Christ.
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Pro-life movement interview

In this episode Chim speaks to Brad Matiss from Life issues institute, a Pro-life movement in the USA
26 Oct 2023 35 min

The power of partnership

In this episode Chim talks to a businessman on the power of partnership in the market place and his testimony.
19 Oct 2023 33 min

Mission work

In this episode Chim speaks to us about the purpose of mission work and winning souls
21 Sep 2023 40 min

Christians and Media

In this episode Chim speaks to Jacob Pele regarding christians and the media and how it fits into Gods end time plan
14 Sep 2023 36 min

Child Psychologist

In this episode Chim speaks to child psychologist Shola Tayo
31 Aug 2023 45 min

Hussein Udo's testimony

In this episode Chim speaks to Hussein Udo who faced many challenges in life to be a successful businessman
27 Jul 2023 43 min

Evil scams

In this episode Chim is joined by Arnold Letlasa author of the book evil scams and revived christian faith. He speaks about spiritual fraudsters who steal and destroy the lives of their victims
22 Jun 2023 30 min

Testimony of Wisdom Ezekiel

In this episode Chim speaks to Wisdom Ezekiel who shares his testimony on how he became a successful businessman
25 May 2023 43 min

Called to mission work

In this episode Chim speaks to James and Linda about their experiences on the mission fields
18 May 2023 45 min

Soul Winning

In this episode Chim does something different as he shares a sermon to encourage believers about the necessity of evangelism.
16 Nov 2022 43 min

Christian Drama & Film

In this episode Chim speaks to Nigerian evangelist Mike Bamiloye of his journey in ministry and Christian drama ministry.
9 Nov 2022 46 min
1 – 20