Why not cremation? Why not Yoga? Can a bleliever?Should a believer ?
Questions and answers for the laymen by the laymen.For The Laymen is a 30 minutes chat by Pastor Greg Denysschen and guests who lead and play different roles in the body of Christ.
Weekly English South Africa Christianity · How To Narrated by Pastor Gregory H. Denysschen
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An introduction to the topic of worldviews. What are the different worldviews in the world? How they come about and how do they measure up to the Bible?
27 Aug 2022 24 min

Marriage: The Church and Christ

With the spirit of the age there's great confusions like gender identity etc. But in looking at the biblical understanding of marriage, we also see a connection between marriage and the relationship between Christ and the church.
20 Aug 2022 24 min

Marriage: Establishing The Home

Prov. 24:3-4 By wisdom a house is built, and by understanding it is established; by knowledge the rooms are filled with all precious and pleasant riches.
2 Jul 2022 29 min


In this episode on marriage, couples Ps Greg and wife Annelie start the fire side chat by reading from Malachi chapter 2,
25 Jun 2022 28 min


In this episode Ps Greg with Wife Annelie are visited in studio by a family friend Sandra.
11 Jun 2022 29 min


In this episode on marriage Ps Greg discuss the onslaught on Christian marriages.
4 Jun 2022 29 min


Another conversation with biblical insights to help struggles faced by marriages today.
28 May 2022 25 min


The problem of the humanistic approach to marriage and marriage problems.
21 May 2022 30 min


Another conversation with biblical insights to help struggles faced by marriages today.
21 May 2022 30 min


In this episode we deal with the issue of submission as well as the command for husbands to love their wives.
14 May 2022 24 min


The importance of the foundations being laid properly in the beginning of the marriage and pre-marital counseling.
7 May 2022 29 min

ABC's of Discipleship

Disobedience on the way of a believer's efforts to be discipled? Exodus 16: 13
10 Jul 2021 26 min

Discipline and descipleship

Discipline and descipleship are intertwined in the work of descipling The Church of The Lord Jesus. In this episode For The Laymen, Pastor Greg Denysschen chats with Br Barnes Govendor, elder and local businesman.
3 Jul 2021 28 min

Courting! premarital relationships! What are the Principles of discipleship?

Courting! premarital relationships! are one of many topics of contention in the church. What are biblical principles in light of what has been presented as acceptable and true by those who have public platforms? Starting with the family, this episode For The laymen lays out principles of discipleship.
3 Jul 2021 24 min

Train Yourself To Be Godly

Begining with a scripture reading from the epistle to Timnoty by apostle Paul, Ps Greg Denysschen joined by local business man and elder at a local church Barnes Govendors, talks to the compromises toda.
12 Jun 2021 23 min