Why not cremation? Why not Yoga? Can a bleliever?Should a believer ?
Questions and answers for the laymen by the laymen.For The Laymen is a 30 minutes chat by Pastor Greg Denysschen and guests who lead and play different roles in the body of Christ.
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Bondage: Homeopathy

In this episode, pastor Greg Denysschen presents the principles of homeopathy and its deceptions.
17 Feb 25 min


In this episode pastor Greg Denysschen touches on the functionality of the spiritual immune system.
10 Feb 25 min

Mental Illness: King Saul

Its unusual to think that the more mentally ill individual in the old testament is one of the kings of Israel, Saul.We take a look at his psychotic condition.
27 Jan 25 min

Youth Mental Health

In this episode we learn about the mental illness issues concerning young people.
20 Jan 26 min

Biblical Prescriptions For Mental Health

In this Episode pastor Greg Dennysschen talks about some practical ways to enjoy the real world which is good for the whole body plus a clip from Dr. James Markham speaking about an holistic approach.
6 Jan 27 min

The Case For Christ

Going through the evidence of the facts regarding Jesus Christ.
16 Dec 2023 28 min

Smart Phone Addiction & Gen Alpha

When we consider the factors that impact the mental health of modern people, we have to analyze the role that social media played in bringing about these issues. Jonathan Haidt, a social psychologist, points out the dramatic shift on the lifestyle of the people today.
2 Dec 2023 27 min


In this episode we listen to various speakers and their perspective on worldview. These views are then addressed accordingly by Ps. Greg.
28 Nov 2023 26 min

Mental health-Standing for Truth in a Fallen Culture

In this episode Jonathan Cahn talks about how modern civilisation has fragmented by moving further and further away from God by compromising and making idols for themselves. He discusses his book with us called “The return of the gods.”
10 Nov 2023 26 min

Mental Health- The Gift of Pain

In this episode we join Dr Lennox as he addresses Harvard medical school students who are of the christian persuasion. He discusses how we can bring comfort to those experiencing illness.
28 Oct 2023 23 min

Mental Health and AI- Man and God

In this episode we discuss Artificial Intelligence and the future of humanity. Should we be concerned or is it an improvement in the human condition? Does man think he is God? Let’s listen in as John Anderson and Professor Lennox discuss this reality
14 Oct 2023 26 min

Mental Health – Part 16

Dr. Anton Knotze joins us in this episode where he together with Pastor Greg discuss the signs of the times and the crisis that we are faced with. Parents are given sound spiritual advice on how walking a closer walk with God will mould them into becoming the role models…
30 Sep 2023 26 min

Mental Health – Part 14 (Spiritual advice)

In this episode Pastor Greg and Annelie give encouragement to parents dealing with children that are experiencing mental health issues. He shares with us some valid spiritual points on what parents can do when all hope seems lost. God cares about us and is an ever-present help in a time…
3 Sep 2023 25 min

Mental Health – Part 12 (Spiritual Help)

In this episode we continue to look at how we can assist our children from a spiritual perspective on how they can overcome the variuos mental health challenges they may be experiencing
19 Aug 2023 28 min

Mental Health - Part 11 (Spiritual Help)

In this episode we talk discuss mental health affecting children and what we as parents can do from a spiritual perspective to help them overcome these challenges
12 Aug 2023 25 min

Mental Health – Part 10 (Gaming addiction)

In this episode we continue to discuss the effects that addiction to gaming has on the individual as well as the spiritual dynamics involved when this door is opened. We are also given some encouragement as parents on how we can from a spiritual perspective fight this pandemic.
6 Aug 2023 25 min
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