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Only a small percentage of companies who qualify for the R&D tax credits actually apply. Why? Usually because they don’t know they qualify—or they don’t realize how much they can benefit. In The Fiona Show: R&D Tax Credits podcast, CrossBorder Solutions’ experts reveal the truth about R&D tax incentives all over the world. The first lesson? It’s always good to apply.

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Episode 16: Which Tax Incentives Work?

Fostering innovation that benefits everyone is the noble aim of just about every R&D tax incentive, but do they always work out that way? Vice President of Global Projects at the Tax Foundation Daniel Bunn joins CrossBorder Director of R&D Tax Incentives Rahim Walji to discuss which incentives may work best in generating new investment activities.

Episode 14: Economic Recovery and the Future of R&D Tax Credits in the U.S.

R&D tax credits promise innovation and greater economic activity no matter what's going on in the world. On this week's podcast, economist Erica York with the Tax Foundation's Center for Federal Tax Policy joins CrossBorder Solutions Director of R&D Tax Incentives Rahim Walji to take a hard look at the research showing proving that these incentives work, and the pivotal role R&D credits can play in rebuilding the global economy in the wake of COVID-19.

Episode 12: Acing Your R&D Credit Application

This shipbuilding company conducted innovative R&D activities, yet failed to represent them adequately to the IRS. How can you avoid the same mistakes? Find out in this interesting discussion with CrossBorder Solutions' Director of R&D Tax Incentives Rahim Walji.

Episode 10: The R&D Tax Credit and TCJA's Amortization Laws

With a new US administration in place and a pandemic recovery on the horizon, one word is on everyone's mind when it comes to the R&D tax credit: amortization. This provision of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act could reduce benefits from the R&D tax credit for millions of US taxpayers. CrossBorder Solutions Director of R&D Tax Incentives Rahim Walji and Solutions Engineer Allen Tobin discuss the problem while the prospect of making the credit permanent remains on the table.

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