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Following a very successful career in TV and Radio Kedebone Mkhabela has now made a very welcome return to the province she calls home. Born and bred in Pienaar in Mpumalanga, Kede cares passionately about the province and the people of Mpumalanga.

The ever energetic Kede, aka Mizz K, hosts the RISE fm Lunch every weekday. Drawing on her personal experiences and previous exposure, this show focuses on everything lifestyle orientated and related. Kede covers everything from fashion, style, trends, environmental issues, community endeavours, travel & tourism.
Occasionally English South Africa Society & Culture
49 Episodes
12 – 32

Bursting transgender myths

Mizz K chats to Tran’s rights activist and celebrity publicist Yaya Mavundla about bursting transgender myth on her new reality show “Becoming". Yaya also opens up about the dynamics of dating as a transgender woman.
20 Apr 2021 11 min

Thato Molamu stars as Papi Zulu in Lingashoni

Mizz K chats to actor Thato Molamu who is one of the lead actor on Lingashona.Thato is one of the most respected talents in the industry and although he is in the spotlight.He is also the founder of The Thato Molamu Foundation which is a non-profit organization, founded in 2012…
30 Mar 2021 12 min

Preserving historic sites

Mizz K chats to MTPA CEO Johannes Nobunga about how to Preserve and protect Historic sites. This follows a criminal activity that left many the employees of the aha Bongani Mountain Lodge after it was burned down.
19 Feb 2021 6 min

The aftermath of cyclone Eloise

Mizz K chats to Medical expert Doctor about the aftermath of cyclone Eloise .Doctor Mavuso says there may possible outbreaks of waterborne diseases and malaria. Staying in a wetland take a listen to this
18 Feb 2021 7 min

Maintenance defaulters can be traced via their phones, and blacklisted

Mizz K Chats to legal expert advocate Karabo Motsamai about the consequences to be face by maintenance defaulters .He said new law will make it difficult for habitual child maintenance defaulters to access any form of credit. In essence, continuous refusal or neglecting to pay will result in a credit…
17 Feb 2021 8 min

JazzYano hit the airwaves

Mizz K chats to musician and producer Wandile "Afrofraction" Moya on how he managed to released an album during trying times.
16 Feb 2021 6 min

Exploring Kruger-shalati-the-train-lodge

Mizz K chats to Kruger-shalati-the-train-lodge marketing manager Judiet Barnes about the the-train-lodge that is permanently stationed in Skukuza on the historically-rich Selati Bridge above the Sabie River. Mpumalanga is indeed a beautiful place
5 Feb 2021 6 min

Things to consider when insurance policies lapse

Mizz K Chats to Insurance adviser Bertus Mouton about What should one do when their policy lapses and after how long can they reinstate their policies.Bertus said the good news is that many lapsed policies can be reinstated, which means they will be valid and in force, and valid claims…
3 Feb 2021 1 min

Public participation/engagement on IDP

Mizz k Chats Executive Mayor of Govan Mbeki Local Municipality Executive Mayor of Govan Mbeki Local Municipality Cllr Nhlakanipho Zuma about Public participation/engagement on IDP and to encourage the public to make inputs on the IDP of Govan Mbeki to ensure that all their basic services needs are considered.
2 Feb 2021 17 min

Spiritual Awakening with Sis Connie

Mizz K chats to Sis Connie who reminds us that we need to focus in order to overcome all the challenges we are facing .she said through focus we can conquer everything.
1 Feb 2021 4 min

Nutrition advice for adults during the COVID-19 outbreak

Mizz K Chats to Dietician Rhoyda Nsingwane about proper nutrition and hydration being vital in ones life . she went on to say people who eat a well-balanced diet tend to be healthier with stronger immune systems and lower risk of chronic illnesses and infectious diseases
14 Jan 2021 10 min

The importance of relaxation for school-aged children

Mizz K Chats to Nestle Nespray Public Affairs &Stakeholder Engagement Manager about the importance of relaxation for school-aged children to help level-up their immunity, why do you feel that this is important?
9 Dec 2020 6 min

Women Economic Empowerment Drive

Mizz K Chats chef and former MEC of Sports in Limpopo Onicca Moloi - about the GBV and charity drive leading to the SA HEROINES AWARDS
3 Dec 2020 9 min
12 – 32