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Durban-born Vic Naidoo is fresh, unapologetic and inclusive. He brings his honest brand of humour to your airwaves every weekday between 1pm – 4pm. In case you missed any of the best bits from his show, this is the best place to catch up.

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Watch Party Picks for this weekend!

MARE OF EAST TOWN stars Oscar winner Kate Winslet as small-town detective Mare Sheehan in Pennsylvania. MARE OF EAST TOWN also explores issues of addiction and suicide... that so often ravage smaller communities all over the world.
RICHARD JEWELL tells the true story of the security guard who was hailed as a hero... after finding the device at the 1996 Atlanta bombing.
It’s called MINE and revolves around a powerful family that owns a real estate development firm, led by Chairman Han.

Watch Party Picks: "I’m definitely watching this one and I think you should too!"

First up... a movie on Showmax that is officially Rotten Tomatoes’ second-best-reviewed Action and Adventure film of 2020... with a 93 per cent critics’ rating.

It’s called THE OUTPOST and is a military thriller... based on a true story.
It tells the story of a small unit of U.S. soldiers....alone at a remote Combat Outpost located deep in the valley of three mountains in Afghanistan.
fans of THE WALKING DEAD will be pleased to know the final six episodes... which were delayed by the pandemic... finally hit our screens today... Friday the 4th of June!
It’s called SWEET TOOTH and it follows Gus... a young hybrid deer-boy.... who’s
lived in seclusion with his father in the forest since a cataclysmic virus that changed the world forever. Sound familiar?

And then finally... the second and final season of FEEL GOOD premieres on Netflix today! As in it is there waiting for you as we speak!

Would you eat something that fell on the floor?

Vic Naidoo chats with Rory about what happened at the shops yesterday when a toddler dropped his ice cream at the shop and the mum just said, 5-second rule, picked up the ice cream, and handed it back to the child...Yes, pause for effect! So we asked KZN whether they follow the 5-second rule when it comes to food?

Binge with Watch Party top picks!

First up... SPECIAL season 2 premiered on Netflix globally on the 20th of this month ... and if you haven’t checked it out yet... you probably should!
Ryan is a gay millennial... who suffers from mild cerebral palsy in this semi-autobiographical comedy-drama series.

AMERICAN CUISINE TRANSFORMED AMERICA is a four-episode docu-series... part Based on the book by food historian Jessica B. Harris.... this series will take you on a journey that ventures from Africa to the deep south.

WIN a lunch at The Beverly Hills Hotel - #TreatYourselfThursday

Treat yourself Thursday with Vic Naidoo this week has an amazing prize up for grabs this week. A Spa Ceylon Ladies Lunch for 2 guests on the 27th May 2021 at the Beverly Hills Hotel at 12h30. The lunch will be at the Sugar Club Restaurant and is worth R595.00 per person. Fancy at it's best!

Watch Party: What will you choose to watch?

First up... a new movie on Netflix that’s attracted a lot of attention already, THE WOMAN IN THE WINDOW directed by Joe Wright and starring Amy Adams and Gary Oldman.
And then on the 14th of May... Netflix premiered I AM ALL GIRLS... the intense thriller directed by Donovan Marsh... about a child trafficking syndicate operating out of South Africa.

The story follows two detectives... as they embark on a justice-seeking journey to bring down the heads of the trafficking ring.

Worst Songs Ever with Vic Naidoo

Vic Naidoo shares a new segment on the show, #WorstSongEver. He shares his worst song ever and says that this song is literally way too positive and gets him feeling violent...Ooh, touchy! He asks listeners to send in their worst songs, and the response is wild, listen to the stories and songs choices.

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