Saturday Live

Join your favorite weekend get up and go team, Fadiel Toefy and Mugamad Zain Majiet as the duo helps you welcome in the weekend! Mood not right? These two are bound to change that with their witty, dry humor and lets not forget the crazy banter.
Weekly English South Africa Entertainment News · Islam
3 Episodes

The Reflecting Hour

Saturday Live took some time to reflect on the year of 2020. The final show for 2020 left many in tears and many tributes were given. M. Zain Majiet & Faadil Toefy shares their stories.
26 Dec 2020 42 min


Welcome back So yes during this time some of us have lost that motivation and inspiration or simply just that feel of Ramadhan. This morning Saturday Live brings you that little something to boost your spirit, and that is the launch of the new track called RAMADHAN WHEN WE CARE…
9 May 2020 10 min

Comedy Festival

Herein Mugamad Zain Majiet & Faadiel Toefy speaks to Prince Mbaya concerning a comedy show that is being run in order to develop and establish upcoming Stand up Comedians.
23 Nov 2019 17 min