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KZN Department OF Economic Development & Tourism

The KwaZulu-Natal Department of Economic Development and Environmental Affairs is mandated to oversee the socio-economic transformation in the province. It therefore leads the policy and strategic initiatives directed at promoting development and growth in various sectors of the economy. However, to achieve its objectives, the Department has to co-operate with various stakeholders and social partners that include the private sector and civil society. National and provincial legislative, policy and strategic frameworks guide the operations of the Department. Some of the national acts that are critical to the operations of this portfolio are the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, particularly Schedule 6 which stipulates the competences of the provincial government on matters of economic development and the Public Finance Management Act (PFMA) among other sector specific acts. The Department’s operations are also guided by a number of national policies and strategies, which include among others:

• New Growth Path (NGP)
• Industrial Action Plan (IPAP2)
• National Development Plan (NDP)
• Local Economic Development (LED) policy guideline;
• South Africa Trade policy framework
• Green economy framework
• Mining beneficiation strategy
• National Spatial Economic Development Perspective (NSDP)
• Special economic Zones (SEZs) Bill and policy, and
• A number of sector specific strategies.

The provincial government has aligned to these acts and policies and the Department’s mandate is further guided by the following provincial acts and strategies, among others:

• Ithala Act,
• Tourism Act,
• Liquor Act, Business Act,
• Dube Trade Port act,
• BEE Act,
• Film Commission Act,
• Trade & Investment Act,
• Provincial growth & Development Strategy (PGDS),
• Provincial Spatial Economic Development Strategy (PSEDS),
• Export Strategy,
• Industrial Development Strategy (IDS),
• Investment Promotion Strategy,
• Green Economy Strategy,
• Airport Strategy,
• SMME strate
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