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We are sharing cigarettes more than ever under tobacco ban - UCT expert

Professor Corné van Walbeek, director of the research unit of the economics of excisable products at the University of Cape Town, has been talking to smokers about South Africa's lockdown ban on cigarette sales. He says there's been a huge increase in the intensity of sharing of cigarettes - even…
21 Jul 2020 2PM 14 min

'Covid-19 is difficult, but we keep going' - Dr Despina Demopoulos

Dr Despina Demopolous is an intensivist in an intensive care unit who has been working on the frontlines of the battle against Covid-19. She is full of praise for the her healthcare colleagues, who are working long hours as they struggle to find beds for ill patients. There's a strong…
21 Jul 2020 1PM 13 min

We call them 'the offenders' - Umhlanga restaurant owner on insurance giants

A deeply frustrated Duncan Heafield, owner of Bellezar Restaurant in Umhlanga, speaks to BizNews founder, Alec Hogg, about the bizarre state of affairs the hospitality industry has found itself in since the lockdown was imposed in March. Heafield has submitted claims against Santam, Old Mutual, Hollard and Guardrisk - referred…
21 Jul 2020 9AM 10 min

Expert stock picker David Shapiro: How to catch a ride on the upside of Covid-19

David Shapiro, a closely followed stockbroker, and his long-time pal Alec Hogg, BizNews founder, pick up on the stock markets - in particular how best to catch a ride on any positive news and changes sparked by Covid-19. They discuss Covid-19 vaccine developments and how tech stocks that have benefited…
21 Jul 2020 6AM 10 min

Shayne Krige of PANDA: Who we are, why we are focused on Covid-19 data

Director at Werksmans and member of PANDA, the independent group of actuaries and professionals, on the latest mortality numbers for South Africa and the Press Council complaint lodged by Prof Boulle of UCT, who wants Biznews to apologise for publishing PANDA's supplied articles.
21 Jul 2020 5AM 15 min

The Editor’s Desk: Lockdown, PANDA, damned lies, & statistics

As lockdown restrictions continue to grind away at South Africa’s economy – and daily life – many voices are challenging the government’s management of the crisis. Some – like the group of actuaries calling themselves PANDA – have taken aim at government models that overestimated the Covid-19 death toll. Others,…
19 Jul 2020 6AM 16 min

Andrea Rademeyer: sobering statistics on SA alcohol ban

Andrea Rademeyer is the chief executive and founder of Ask Afrika - a full service market research company. In this interview, Rademeyer engages in an interesting discussion with BizNews founder Alec Hogg on topical issues. Having conducted nearly 7000 interviews since the beginning of lockdown, Rademeyer shares valuable insight and…
17 Jul 2020 8AM 12 min

Prof Ian Vlok from Tygerberg Hospital praises nurses and applauds the alcohol ban

Professor Ian Vlok, neuroscientist and neurosurgeon at Tygerberg Hospital, follows up with BizNews founder Alec Hogg on the management of Covid-19 infections at Tygerberg Hospital in the Western Cape. During their previous discussion in May, Prof Vlok explained how the hospital had been preparing for the anticipated tidal wave of…
17 Jul 2020 4AM 12 min
24 – 44