East Coast Radio - Catch Up #HeyEllen, it's Jords and Luke here...

#HeyEllen, it's Jords and Luke here...

#HeyEllen, it's Jords and Luke here. We started hitching from Durbs, South Africa, in March 2019 to come see you in LA. Not gonna lie you're pretty hard to get hold of. We're getting closer, so we're just trying to avoid that awkward thing where we arrive and you're not expecting us. Anyway, let us know when you get this. Much love, Luke, Don and Jords. (The 'Hitched' series guys.) Ps. Here are our voice-notes from the trip, as per East Coast Radio's Weekend Breakfast with Jane Linley-Thomas. PPS. Dbn to LA is 10,612 miles, and we've taken the long way round. xox
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#HeyEllen: Update 32: Back in Durban!

#HeyEllen: Update 32: Ellen is epic. The boys got a huge from her in LA but never made it onto the interview couch. But Jords and Luke are full of the joys of life and back in Durban. And in Jane's studio! Listen to their update.
19 Jan 2020 4 min

#HeyEllen: Update 31: Ellen, you're a legend - keep our seats warm!

#HeyEllen: Update 31: Ellen, you're a legend - keep our seats on The Ellen Show warm! That's the message this week from Jords and Luke, who are still in LA, but need to head south where things are a little cheaper while they wait for Ellen's people to hopefully reach…
10 Nov 2019 2 min

#HeyEllen: Update 30: Ellen, we went to your show, and met you!

#HeyEllen, & everyone - we're so close thanks to all your help! We made it onto the show today as part of the audience. We even got to hug Ellen, but Ellen still doesn't know we've made her a documentary. So this is one last push, letting her know we…
5 Nov 2019 1 min
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