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Child is overly cautious

How do you know if your child is unnaturally fearful, or if they’re too shy? Perhaps you wonder if your child will ever outgrow their crying habit? There are all sorts of questions parents ponder in the hopes that they’ll find their child is, so called, normal. We’ll take a look at one such situation on the next Family Matters

Child is afraid of being alone

How should we handle our eight-year-old son's strong aversion to being by himself? He sleeps in the same room with his younger sister because he doesn't want to be alone. He won't play in his room unless someone else is there. The last time he tried, he suffered a panic attack (sweating and shortness of breath). He's very intelligent, does well in school, plays piano, drums, and soccer, and has many friends. He has never experienced any kind of trauma and my wife and I have a good relationship. What's going on?

Teaching children about self-denial

Should I teach my child about the importance of self-denial? We don't hear much about it in the modern church, and contemporary secular culture doesn't value it at all. But I'm not sure how our kids will understand what it means to follow Jesus if we neglect this aspect of the disciple's calling.

Respecting your teenager

How do I give my teenager the respect he deserves? I'll admit that we butt heads pretty often – he's the type that requires a lot of correction and guidance, and as a result ours isn't the most peaceful household on the block. But I honestly don't believe that I've ever done anything to denigrate him as a person. In spite of this, he's forever telling me that I don't "respect" him as I should. What does it mean for a parent to "respect" a child? I can't just let him have his own way all the time – can I?

Teens wants to help mom understand changes in their relationship

How can I get my mother to realize that I'm not a kid anymore and that our relationship has changed? She and I have always been close, but it's different now that I'm a teenager. Some of it's my fault. I get moody, and I know that my behavior hurts her sometimes. I wish she could understand that I'm not trying to offend her or push her away. I'm just figuring things out and going through a lot of stuff in my own mind. What makes it harder is that I don't always understand why I act the way I do. Can you help me?

Christian single experiencing same sex attraction feel stuck

As a Christian single adult who has never had an interest in the opposite sex or marriage, how do you suggest I move forward and live my life? I believe in the importance of marriage and in some ways I'm a perfect candidate – a twenty-something guy with a stable job and an earnest desire to serve the Lord. I've discovered though, to my own dismay, that I'm attracted exclusively to my own sex. I can't tell you how painful this has been for me. I know that homosexuality is a sin, and I feel terribly guilty about not fulfilling my role as a Christian husband and father. I could probably grit my teeth and force myself to marry a woman, but I'm pretty sure that this wouldn't be a good idea. What should I do?

Surviving your kids’ extracurricular activities

Is it a good idea for children to get involved in sports, dance classes, music lessons, and other commitments outside of their school work and household chores? How much of this kind of thing is too much? Can you suggest any practical guidelines?

Strong willed child won’t stay in bed

How can we get our defiant toddler to lie down and go to sleep at night? He's a handful at any time and under any circumstances, but nothing can top his uncooperative behavior at bedtime. No matter how many times we put him to bed, he gets up again and again. I feel as if I'm losing my mind for lack of sleep. What can we do about this?

What the bible says about forgiving yourself

The most beautiful and freeing thing about Christianity is that Christ died for the forgiveness of our sins. But Jesus also taught that believers should forgive one another as He forgives us. The practice of offering forgiveness to others, no matter how hard, is unquestioned in the Christian faith. When it comes to forgiving ourselves for our wrongdoings, that’s another story. Perhaps the sins of your past still overwhelm you and you’re unsure that you’ll ever be able to move past those mistakes.

Setting boundaries with a mentally ill adult child

How do we establish behavioral guidelines for a grown child who suffers from mental illness? Should our boundaries be the same as those we'd set up with any other child? Or do special considerations apply in a situation like this?

Encouraging your child’s sense of humour

Most people love to have a good laugh from time to time, some even call laughing medicine for the soul. There are, however, some who seem to laugh and joke less than the rest of us, and perhaps that’s just their personality coming through.

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