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Friend requests from old flames on social media

Is it wise and healthy for your marriage when you accept ‘friend’ requests from old flames on social media? Some might say, there’s absolutely no harm in staying in touch, while others may have stories to tell of those online friendships causing havoc in their marriages.
12 Jul 6PM 4 min

Wife no longer attracted to overweight husband

Husbands and wives should be looking out for their spouse's sexual needs and satisfying them as far as possible. But what does one do when the person you married is no longer attractive to you because they’ve ‘let themselves go’?
11 Jul 6PM 4 min

Explaining porn addiction to kids

Do you think you’d be able to admit to your kids that you’re in the process of getting help for porn addiction? Most parents will be saying an emphatic “No” to that question. But what if we told you that being open and honest with your children in matters such…
10 Jul 6PM 4 min

Child says he wants to die

Has your child ever had an outburst and said something that shocked you to the core? A lot of the time the words have the little foundation and can be written off to emotions running high, but when should we be concerned that something greater is at play?
9 Jul 6PM 4 min

Anorexia and "Pro-Ana websites

We’ll be talking about the online world of anorexia support groups and the potential dangers of these Pro-Ana websites, you won’t want to miss this.
6 Jul 6PM 4 min

Adolescent Daughter Involved With an Older Man

How does one warn a teenage daughter of the potential pitfalls of spending time with an older guy, even if she claims that they are purely friends? Most teen girls don’t want to hear this kind of advice, so one has to be very careful with the approach. We’ll be…
5 Jul 6PM 4 min

Using Tithe Money to Help Aging Parents

Dealing with our finances according to Christian principles implies a number of things. One is that Christians are expected to tithe, see 2 Chronicles 31:4&5. Christians are told to take care of the orphan and the widow. They are also commanded to honor their mother and father and to care…
4 Jul 6PM 4 min

Responding to a Gay Christian in the Family

How would you respond to an announcement from one of your children that they identify as a “gay Christian’? We’ll be responding to a mother whose son made just such a declaration on the next Family Matters.
3 Jul 6PM 4 min

Parents Blocking Grandparents' Relationship With Grandchildren

Breakdowns in family relationships, unfortunately, happen all the time, sometimes without an actual event taking place that causes the division. On the next Family Matters, we’ll be discussing how to go about making repairs to broken relationships with family members.
2 Jul 6PM 4 min

Helping a Teen Girl Become a Woman (Part 2 of 2)

On our last Family Matters, we were summarizing 12 important things that every young girl needs if she's to make the journey toward mature womanhood with a sense of security, poise, and peace of mind. We’ll continue with the list on the next Family Matters.
29 Jun 6PM 4 min

Helping a teen girl become a woman (Part 1 of 2)

There’s a lot of media hype and controversial thinking surrounding gender these days. Children are growing up in a very different world from the one 50 years ago. So, amidst the ever-changing arena in which our kids find themselves, how can one help a teen girl to successfully move into…
28 Jun 6PM 4 min

Boarding school for missionary children

There are so many different views and ideas on what is best for our children when it comes to education. Some families who have been serving God as missionaries have to make difficult decisions based on where they’ve been sent on a mission.
27 Jun 6PM 4 min

Dealing with the fallout of teen sexting

The advent of sexting is a real and serious issue among teens who get involved and then find themselves exposed in horrific and demoralizing ways. Parents cannot necessarily prevent this practice, but certainly need to be aware of the dangers and take a firm stance in the event of discovering…
26 Jun 6PM 4 min

Understanding teen sexting

The world that our teens find themselves in these days is, in fact, quite scary, thanks to the digital age that we live in. If you are not completely clued up on how to keep your teen safe from online predators or even seemingly harmless online connections.
25 Jun 6PM 4 min

Narcissism personality patterns and concerns

Have you ever heard of somebody being referred to as a Narcissist? This word is often used to describe someone who has elevated self-importance and who comes across as incredibly selfish. It’s not easy to be married to someone exhibiting these traits, however, the term narcissist is sometimes misused.
22 Jun 6PM 4 min

How can a woman be made in the image of a male God?

There is a lot of controversy around gender and equality these days, and Christians are having to hold firm to their beliefs in the Bible in order to withstand the onslaught from the media and liberal activists. But the Bible speaks of women being made in the image of God,…
21 Jun 6PM 4 min

How to avoid spoiling your child

For parents to avoid spoiling their children, there needs to be a conscious effort towards teaching what matters most and showing them how to serve others. Far too many youngsters are growing up entitled and with unhealthy self-righteousness. And it’s easy to try and shift the blame, but if we’re…
20 Jun 6PM 4 min

Maximizing enjoyment of family meals

Family meals around the dinner table have an enormously beneficial and lasting effect. If families can understand the value of slowing down for long enough to gather around the table and share conversations with one another, it would go a long way to nurturing a sense of belonging and connectedness…
19 Jun 6PM 4 min

Developing healthy self-esteem in children

As parents, we want to give our kids the best jumping-off point we can. If we nurture a healthy self-image in our children, we will have pretty much achieved our goal, because the rest will follow.
18 Jun 6PM 4 min

Child seems to sleep too much

Have you experienced the battle of waking your child up in the morning to go to school? Sometimes even an early riser will procrastinate getting out of bed with various delay tactics. The good news is: You’re not alone.
15 Jun 6PM 4 min
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