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Hopeless, Feels Like a Loser I

Have you ever felt as though your life is falling apart and there’s no hope for you? These kinds of feelings are not to be taken lightly and should be assessed by an outsider who can offer a different perspective on the situation.

Blended Family Etiquette

Bringing two families together to form a new family is always tricky. There are all sorts of challenges that go along with blending a family, even down to the labels that are given to the new Mom or Dad.

Girls and Women Wearing Pants

Historical cultural norms can have a great influence over family life and choices, but there’s a difference between culture and Biblical truth. When backing up our beliefs with scripture, we need to be careful that we look at the verses in context.

Talking to Teen About Suicide of Friend or Acquaintance

Teen suicide statistics have risen substantially over the last number of decades. When a teen commits suicide he leaves a wake of grieving friends and family. How can a parent be there for the grieving child, and what conversations should take place over that time?

Reasons to Pursue Higher Education

In the economic climate we find ourselves in, in this country, the lack of job opportunities has certainly restricted the value and significance of a university degree. There are countless people who have hard-earned qualifications but can’t find well-paying jobs in their field. Do these current circumstances negate the need or importance of achieving a university or college degree?

Grandparents Filling in for Busy Moms and Dads

In modern society, it has become increasingly common for both moms and dads to work outside of the home, and it’s overwhelmingly evident that busyness has become the norm for so many families. The words: ‘Oh, we’ve just been so busy!’ are almost everybody’s mantra. And with parents adopting this kind of lifestyle it’s often the Grandparents that get assigned the duties of fetching and carrying and taking care of the children. This arrangement can be extremely helpful for the family, but not when the Grandparents feel as though they’re being taken advantage of, or are enabling an over-busy lifestyle.

Disciplining an Uncooperative Child

The subject of discipline is a hot topic among most parents, and it’s an area where parents can feel overwhelmed and underqualified. What a lot of Moms and Dads don’t realize is that effective discipline takes effort and follow-through, and when there’s inconsistency, children end up feeling unsure of their boundaries.

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