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Addictions And Marital Counselling

A marriage in which one partner is an addict is one of the toughest situations to face, however, it does not have to be the end of the relationship, we talk about ways to find a solution.

Hereditary Defects

What if you’re engaged to be married and you find out that you have a medical condition that could affect any children you may have? We want to offer perspective on this tough situation.

Guidelines For Online Dating

Online dating is something that has become increasingly common nowadays, and we’d like to share some thoughts on the best ways to manage a relationship of this nature.

Grown Child Feels Like He's Still Treated As A Kid

It can be quite difficult for a mom to let go of her kids as they reach adulthood and start to make a life of their own, but what if you are the child whose mom is having a hard time releasing you from her care? How do you let her know that you need to be independent of her in a respectful way?

Encouraging Healthy Habits At Home

Every parent wants to know that they are doing things right when it comes to their family’s health and wellbeing. It’s not always an easy task, but we discussing some of the ways that a family can find overall health and wellness.

Emotional Distance In Marriage

As many couples’ lives are busier than ever, with both partners working full-time jobs, and plenty of other commitments filling the schedule, it’s easy to understand that emotional distance can creep into a marriage. How can couples rekindle that flame if it has been snuffed out by the whirlwind of life?

Dealing With The Practical Aspects After Losing A Spouse

In the tragic event of losing one’s spouse, it can be terribly overwhelming to focus on much more than managing the grief and pain of the loss, but unfortunately, the unsympathetic saying ‘Life must go on is somewhat true in the sense that certain logistical tasks need to be taken care of, such as making sure bills are paid, and other financial decisions made.

Dad Wants Relationship With Children He Abandoned

When you’ve made serious mistakes in life, the consequences are often hard to swallow. You may have had a change of heart and a revolutionary life makeover, but if you’ve hurt people by your previous actions, it can be very difficult to regain trust and relationships.

Angry Father, Angry Son

A well-known saying is that behaviour is not taught it’s caught. In other words, our children see us behaving in a certain way and imitate us. This can be a good thing as long as parents model the behaviour they want to see in their children. However, when bad behaviour is being modelled, children will undoubtedly follow suit.

Why Marriage License

Have you ever wondered why Christians participate in wedding ceremonies and sign legal documents to declare their marriages if it’s all meant to be about a commitment before the Lord, then stay close as we discuss the importance of a marriage license and wedding ceremony.

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