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My wife is physically abusive

We usually find ourselves talking about abuse where the wife is the victim, but on today’s Family Matters we’ll help a husband who is suffering physical abuse from his wife, and give universal steps that must be taken no matter what the abuse and who the perpetrator is.
30 Aug 2022 6PM 4 min

Adopting an abused child

What do we need to know before adopting a child who has been abused? We're considering adopting a child under the age of 2 who was removed from his birth home due to abuse when only a few months old. He has been in the foster-care system for the past…
28 Aug 2022 6PM 4 min

Husband refuses to work

Home-life can be greatly impacted by a spouse who is complacent and refuses to contribute to the household income and or responsibilities. What does one do in a situation like this?
25 Aug 2022 6PM 4 min

Financial perspective for newly weds

When it comes to finances, couples need to be on the same page in order to avoid unmet expectations and a whole lot of disappointment in the relationship. In this Family Matters episode, we’ll speak about the financial perspective for newlyweds, but the principles apply to all marriages.
24 Aug 2022 6PM 4 min

Encouraging family conversation

Have you noticed a decline in the amount of family conversation that happens in your home? How much face-to-face talk time is your family achieving in the busyness of life? We’ll discuss the importance of communication in this Family Matters episode.
23 Aug 2022 6PM 4 min

Wife has sexually misunderstanding with husband

It’s probably safe to say that many couples have differences in their sexual needs. We often hear from women who just don’t have the same libido as their husbands, and this can cause a great deal of frustration and strain in a marriage. On the next Family Matters, we’ll speak…
22 Aug 2022 6PM 4 min

Child repeat negative Comments Made by Ex

In situations of divorce, there are often times ongoing feuds or discord between the ex-spouses. There can be a lot of negative feelings toward the ex-partner and unfortunately where children are involved, they can end up in the middle of all of it, and can even become the go-between, relaying…
21 Aug 2022 6PM 4 min

Parents fear child may be Victim of Cyber-Bullying

What can I do about kids texting intimidating messages to my cell phone and posting mean rumors about me on Facebook? At first I tried to ignore them, but the situation has gotten so bad that I don't want to show my face at school anymore. These people are destroying…
18 Aug 2022 6PM 4 min

Mutual attraction between married friends

If a married man develops feelings for his friend’s wife, he knows that the implications are huge. But what is the underlying problem, and what can be done to ensure that martial destruction is not the end result.
17 Aug 2022 6PM 4 min

Developing effective communications patterns with kids

Every parent wants their child to listen well, follow instructions and be able to have a meaningful conversation with them. But, in so many homes, there are nagging parents and defiant children facing up against one another on a daily basis. We’ll talk about ways to effectively communicate with kids.
16 Aug 2022 6PM 4 min

Husband can't forgive the wife

How can I get beyond my spouse's critical attitude and forget about the many cruel things she's said to me in the past? After several years of marriage, I've come to point where I just can't take it anymore. I don't believe in divorce, so we're sleeping in separate rooms…
15 Aug 2022 6PM 4 min

Mom and Dad Disagree About Child Discipline

How can my wife and I come to an agreement about child discipline? I've tried to teach my son a strong sense of discipline, but my wife often disagrees with my approach and methods. She says I'm "too hard on the boy." As you can imagine, this can sometimes become…
14 Aug 2022 6PM 4 min

Moving forward after the death of loved one

What can I do to overcome the sadness that has overtaken me since the death of my husband? How do I step forward into the next phase of my life? He battled a number of challenging health problems during the last two years of his life. As a result, my…
11 Aug 2022 6PM 4 min

Spouse Maintains Unhealthy Attachment to Parents

How can I help my husband see that he is placing the needs and feelings of his parents ahead of mine? After several years of marriage, his attachment to his mom and dad is still so strong that it's causing serious damage to our relationship. I've confronted him about this,…
10 Aug 2022 6PM 4 min

Biblical look at gambling

Does the Bible really say that gambling is wrong? I realize that it's one of those activities – like dancing and playing cards – that religious conservatives have traditionally been "against." But I'm not convinced that there's any solid biblical basis for their opposition to what I regard as innocuous…
9 Aug 2022 6PM 5 min

Non-traditional female career for girls

If it's important to maintain clear distinctions between the sexes – and I agree that it is – should we encourage our school-age daughters to think in terms of pursuing non-traditional female career choices? One of our girls has been talking about becoming a firefighter when she grows up. I…
8 Aug 2022 6PM 4 min

The Bible on pre-marital sex

Where does the Bible actually say that pre-marital sex is wrong? My parents have always taught me that the Bible commands us not to have sex before marriage. Now that I'm old enough to think for myself, I'm having serious doubts about this. I haven't run across anything in Scripture…
8 Aug 2022 8AM 4 min

Questions about God provision

Can we count on God to provide materially for His faithful children? Philippians 4:19 seems to promise that He always will. I've been clinging to this verse since losing my job, but it doesn't seem to have done me and my family much good. Over the past several months we've…
4 Aug 2022 6PM 4 min

How to handle working mom guilt

How can I stop feeling guilty and resist the temptation to be "Superwoman"? I'm a working mother with a preschooler and a couple of school-age kids who are also involved in lots of extra-curricular activities. I have to admit that I feel bad whenever I'm not doing something "productive." My…
3 Aug 2022 6PM 4 min
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