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Step parent’s relationship problems

Stepfamilies, or as they are now called, Blended Families are becoming more and more common in society. The occurrence of two families becoming one naturally has challenges that will need to be overcome. Depending on the history of relationships, size of the joining families, and ages and stages of the children involved, the blended family can take on many different facets. In this Family Matters episode, we’ll take a look at one situation in which a daughter and step-father are having problems in their relationship with one another.

Divorced parents Concerned That Grown Child Is Skeptical About marriage

Marriage is a divine institution created by God, and there are so many beautiful and life-giving benefits from committing to a partner in marriage. Unfortunately with the increase in divorce over the last number of decades, the view of marriage has been tainted for many. It’s extremely common for a child of a divorced parent to become skeptical about the value of marriage. We’d like to offer biblical as well as researched perspectives on the importance of marriage in this Family Matters episode.

Gentle and Sensitive boy

Should there be any concern when a boy shows interest in the arts over sports, or if he prefers to engage in quiet activities rather than boisterous play? Stereotypes and culture have put standards in place that can short-circuit a child’s ingrained abilities. We’ll discuss this topic from a biblical perspective in this Family Matters episode.

Finding God’s will

We can sometimes wonder what it is that God wants us to do with our lives. We know that he wants us to live for Him, but when it comes to the details, it’s often difficult to figure out what steps to take to even get started. We’ll cover more on this subject in this Family Matters episode.

Husband looks at other women

If a wife feels that her husband’s eyes tend to wander whenever an attractive woman walks by, what does she do? Keep silent and pray that nothing more is going on, or address the situation before it gets out of control? We’d like to suggest the latter and we’ll go into more detail in this Family Matters episode.

Cohabitation and Its Implications for Marriage

Pre-marital cohabitation has become increasingly common over the last while, and in fact, the statistics show that in our country fewer people are actually choosing to get married at all. The view of marriage has begun to change, but what are the over-arching benefits of marriage, and why should couples still aspire to marriage? We’ll talk more about this in this episode.

My wife is physically abusive

We usually find ourselves talking about abuse where the wife is the victim, but on today’s Family Matters we’ll help a husband who is suffering physical abuse from his wife, and give universal steps that must be taken no matter what the abuse and who the perpetrator is.

Abortion and health of the Mother

The number of abortions taking place in our country annually is astounding and the documented figures don’t even include illegal abortions that take place outside of official facilities. There are very few cases where a mother has to choose her own health over the life of her baby, and this is the topic we’ll discuss in this Family Matters episode.

Adopting an abused child

Adoption is a beautiful thing that is close to God’s heart. He has adopted every believer into his family, as his word says in Roman’s 8, that we have been adopted as sons and daughters. When a family considers the adoption of a child, there is so much that comes into play, much preparation and planning takes place beforehand. But what happens when the child who is to be adopted has experienced abuse? These children so desperately need a loving and safe home, and a family to belong to, but the journey can be quite challenging along the way for the parents. We want to speak a little more about this topic in this Family Matters episode.

Husband refuses to work

Home-life can be greatly impacted by a spouse who is complacent and refuses to contribute to the household income and or responsibilities. What does one do in a situation like this? We’d like to offer our perspective on this dilemma in this Family Matters episode.

Financial perspective for newly weds

When it comes to finances, couples need to be on the same page in order to avoid unmet expectations and a whole lot of disappointment in the relationship. In this Family Matters episode, we’ll speak about the financial perspective for newlyweds, but the principles apply to all marriages.

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