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When not to submit to your husband

Is it ever appropriate for a woman to question her husband's judgment or to oppose his decisions when she believes he's in the wrong? If so, how does this fit in with Ephesians 5:22, where Paul says, "Wives, submit to your own husbands, as to the Lord?" Are there any biblical examples of wives who took this kind of stance?

Moving forward after the pain of divorce

How do I deal with the brokenness of divorce and make a new life for my kids and myself? I'll admit that I've made some bad choices. One of the worst was walking away from my family when my marriage got too tough to deal with. I realize now that my absence has not only brought me personal pain, but has had a negative impact on the lives of my kids. What's done is done, and there is nothing that will undo the harm I've caused. I feel extremely guilty. Where do I go from here?

Addictions, choosing an accountability partner

As a recovering addict, how can I find someone to walk with me through the difficult beginning stages of the healing process? Do you have any advice on choosing an accountability partner and what this relationship should look like? I'd really appreciate any suggestions you can offer.

A Christian’s relationship with a godless government

Why should I "submit" to a government that I believe is moving in the wrong direction? I love my country and want to cooperate with the political system, but I'm struggling to understand what the Bible says on this subject. How in the world can the apostle Paul tell Christians to submit to the authorities (Romans 13:1-7) when we know for a fact that many human governments are corrupt and unjust? What should a believer do when he feels that his own government is "ungodly"?

Sorting out obsessive compulsive disorders

What's the difference between obsessive-compulsive disorder and obsessive-compulsive personality disorder? I'm confused about the terminology, which complicates my efforts to find help for my spouse, who (in my opinion) exhibits a number of obsessive compulsive traits. Can you clarify the difference for me?

Talking to children about tragic events

As a parent, how should I deal with my children when mass shootings, natural disasters, and other tragic events involving loss of life occur? Should I do my best to shield them from this information – an almost impossible task in the face of today's constant news media cycle? Or should I try to talk to them about it?

Use of contraceptives in marriage

What is your opinion on the use of birth control? We're a newly married young couple trying to make up our minds about the best way to approach contraception, but we're getting mixed messages from our friends, family members, and physicians. One Christian couple we know believes that birth control of any kind is against God's will. We're not sure what to think.

Wife doesn't get along with husbands friends

What can I do about my negative feelings towards my husband's "buddies"? We are very happy and have a great relationship, except for one thing: I don't get along with his friends. Is there a way to solve this problem? It's leading to arguments and tension between us.

Wondering if the spouse is truly repented over affair

How can I be sure that my spouse is really repentant for the pain he has caused me? A year ago, I discovered he'd been involved in an emotional affair with another woman for nearly a decade. He also has a history of explosive anger which has often led to verbal abuse. On a number of occasions he has actually thrown things at me. Though he's ended the extramarital relationship, softened his demeanor somewhat, and even says that he's eager to go to counseling and work on our marriage, I can't help feeling confused. Once he said to me, "I know I've messed up in the past, but you have a pretty good thing going with me." Several times when I've mentioned his violent behavior, he has responded with, "Yes, I threw things at you, but I missed." He also maintains that he only concealed the affair from me for ten years because he "didn't want to hurt me." I don't feel we can move forward until this is resolved in my mind. What do you think?

Divorce and impact on children

We're in the process of getting a divorce, and it seems to be taking a heavy toll on the entire family. Our kids have been acting out in a wide variety of ways. Some of their behavior has been so extreme that I'm becoming seriously concerned about them. What's considered "normal" in a situation like this? What can be done to address the problem?

How dad teach daughters about modesty

How can fathers help their girls learn about modesty? I want my daughter to get a handle on this concept before she becomes a teen, but I feel awkward about raising this subject with her. I realize that as a dad I can either be a big asset to her in this area or embarrass her and make her feel uncomfortable. What's the right role for a father here?

Child is afraid of the devil

How can I calm my child's fears of Satan? Over the past few months my five-year-old has become obsessed with this subject. She's always asking questions about the devil, and she seems terribly afraid of what he might do to her. She goes to Sunday school, and we pray and read the Bible together every day. So far, none of this seems to help. I've done my best to reassure her, but I have to admit that I don't know much about the devil myself. Can you tell me exactly what Scripture has to say about him?

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