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wondering if the spouse is truly repented over affair

How can I be sure that my spouse is really repentant for the pain he has caused me? A year ago, I discovered he'd been involved in an emotional affair with another woman for nearly a decade. He also has a history of explosive anger which has often led to…
30 Mar 6PM 4 min

Divorce and impact on children

Divorce is never an easy road to walk, and when there are kids involved you can expect an even harder slog. Children are profoundly affected by their parents splitting up, and Mom and Dad need to know how best to deal with their kids’ scared and confused behavior.
29 Mar 6PM 4 min

Minimising the impact of depression on your family

Depression is a clinical condition that affects the psyche of a person in varying degrees, but it also affects the family members in a considerable way. We’ll take an honest look at ways to minimize the impact of depression.
28 Mar 6PM 4 min

How Dad teach daughters about modesty

There is so much to be said for the enormous role that a father plays in his daughter’s life, and especially in her confidence. A father shapes the way a girl sees herself in society, and so he has a great influence on feeding her self-worth.
27 Mar 6PM 4 min

Help for victim of cyber bullying

We are regularly asked by parents, how they should go about dealing with a child who has been a victim of bullying and cyber-bullying. There are a number of articles that give guidelines and advice to those parents on our website at But, today we want to speak to…
26 Mar 6PM 4 min

Child is afraid of the Devil

Children read about the Devil in the bible and hear stories told in Sunday School, and sometimes they begin to have nightmares and uncontrollable fears of this unseen enemy. Parents can do a lot to allay those fears by referencing what God’s word says in the Bible.
23 Mar 6PM 4 min

A grown child attitude towards parents

Now that I'm past 18, should I still "submit" to my mom and dad? The Bible says that children should "obey" their parents (Ephesians 6:1; Colossians 3:20), but at what point do I become fully independent of their control?
22 Mar 6PM 4 min

Attracted to Spouse best friend

As human beings, we are so fallible, and our hearts and minds can lead us astray very easily if we don’t keep them in check and surrendered to God. As Christians, we have been rescued out of slavery to sin and reconciled to God, but that does not mean that…
21 Mar 6PM 4 min

Unfaithful husband wants to date other women

When it comes to infidelity in a marriage relationship, there can be no grey area. A spouse should never be asked to turn a blind eye to extramarital relationships, because the very nature of marriage is a sacred bond between man and woman, and this vow should not be undermined.
20 Mar 6PM 4 min

Three-year-old boy is playing dress up

When a young boy chooses to play with girls’ toys or loves to join in girly fantasy games, is this a warning sign that he may be struggling with gender identification? We’re discussing this in a little more detail
19 Mar 6PM 4 min

Importance of marital sex in biblical view

Is sex really that critical to a healthy marriage? Here's why I ask. I'm having a disagreement with my spouse. He tells me that sex is a "sacrament" and "a holy mystery," and that it needs to be central to our relationship. He even uses Ephesians 5:30-32 to support these…
16 Mar 6PM 4 min

Sharing Marriage frustrations with family

In every marriage, there are going to be conflicts and frustrations between husband and wife, and sometimes an outside perspective can be just what you need to get back on track. But one needs to be careful about where that counsel comes from because even family members can often be…
15 Mar 6PM 4 min

Reconciling Christian suffering and all things working for good

When life takes a turn for the worse, and you experience suffering and heartache, it’s very difficult to hear the words, “God works all things for the good”, because things may not look good at all to you. Going through trials and tribulation is never easy, and yet the bible…
14 Mar 6PM 4 min

Pre-schooler terrified with bugs

How can I help my small child deal with his overwhelming fear of insects? He's always been a little scared of bugs, but recently he was bitten by something at school during snack time, and now he gets hysterical every time the class is supposed to go outside. What's the…
13 Mar 6PM 4 min

Opposite sex friendship in marriage

Is it wrong for a married person to have a friend of the opposite sex? While my spouse was away on a week-long missions trip, I enlisted a male friend from work to come over and help me care for our eighteen-month-old daughter. In the process, we ended up watching…
12 Mar 6PM 4 min

Child with a problem of stealing

How can we stop our four-year-old from stealing? It seems like everywhere we go – church, stores, museums, friends' houses – he walks out with something that doesn't belong to him. I have a feeling that he's just being irresponsible-that he puts things in his pocket and then forgets about…
9 Mar 5PM 4 min

Obesity in children’s

Do you have any ideas for helping a pre-teen child who is seriously overweight? He loves food and gets extremely disappointed when we turn down his requests for snacks and treats. He also becomes depressed after several days of healthy eating. How can we reverse this trend?
8 Mar 5PM 4 min

Making time for his and her friends in Marriage

Do you think it's a good idea for husbands and wives to have regular activities apart from each other with their friends of the same sex? My husband feels a deep need to get together with his guy friends a couple of times each month, but I'd rather spend most…
7 Mar 5PM 4 min

Husband Concerned About Wife’s Depression During Pregnancy

Is there anything I can do to help my expectant wife deal with the severe mood swings she's been experiencing? She's about three-quarters of the way through her pregnancy, and lately she's been terribly depressed. It's beginning to take a real toll on our relationship. I've heard a lot about…
6 Mar 5PM 4 min

Grown child has made poor decisions

What can we do to encourage our adult son to grow up? He's made some very poor choices in terms of lifestyle, jobs, living arrangements, and friends. After raising him in the Christian faith, we're deeply disappointed. At the same time we can't help feeling guilty and wondering where we…
5 Mar 5PM 4 min
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