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Disciplining a child who runs away

How do we deal with a small child who takes off and has to be chased down every time he misbehaves and suspects that he's about to be punished? He tends to run away whenever any kind of problem surfaces, and we have to run after him just to talk to him, let alone correct his behavior. Is this normal? How should we respond?


When a child is betwetting beyong the age of potty training it can cause much distress and frustration in both the parents as well as the child. Perhaps you have been concerned that there is an underlying problem with your child who can’t seem to have consitently dry nights

Working Mom Struggling to Make Time for Kids

Are you finding it almost impossible to make time for your kids in the busyness of life? Do you wish that your relationship with your chiildren was deeper and more meaningful? We can blink and realise that our kids are a year older and we wonder where the time went. That can be a scary moment as a parent, and it can get us thinking that we might need to make some changes to the way we are doing things, and where our priorities lie

Wife Feels She Has Grown Apart

After many years of marriage, sometimes one or both parties feel as though the relationship has become stale and that there is no point in staying together, because it doesn’t feel like love anymore

Teaching Children to Be Respectful in A Coarsened Culture

How can I teach my children good manners? It seems etiquette has become a thing of the past, both for children and adults. This is something I'm determined to instill in my kids, but I can see that it won't be easy. How do I teach them to treat people respectfully when the rest of the culture seems to care less and less for the feelings, sensibilities, and rights of others?

Social Media Accounts and Passwords: Best Practices for Married Couples

In a world where social media accounts are as common as bank accounts, perhaps more common, it’s wise to discuss the impact that the activity on those accounts can have on a marriage relationship. Our advice would be to take extra precautions, as well as be completely transparent, in order to avoid any temptations that may arise.

Restoring Romance in Marriage

How can my husband and I rekindle the romantic flame that brought us together in the first place? We're stuck in a rut. The spark has gone out of our relationship. We don't even seem to have much fun together anymore. How do I raise this subject without seeming to nag?

Protecting Yourself and Your Marriage from Social Media Domination

How can I guard against the danger of online social networking taking up too much of my time and negatively impacting my marriage? When I first started using sites like Facebook I thought they were a great way to keep in touch with family and friends. But now it seems we're on the verge of allowing this kind of activity to rule our lives. Any advice

Overcoming the Effects of Childhood Sexual Abuse on Marriage

How can I prevent memories of childhood sexual trauma from having a negative impact on my relationship with my spouse? I was abused a long time ago and though it wasn't easy, I've forgiven the people who violated me. But after twelve years of marriage I still can't enjoy sex with my husband without feeling guilty. Is there any hope for me?

My Husband Is Physically Abusive

My husband has had a tendency to resort to violent behavior throughout our marriage. I feel trapped. At times I have even feared for my safety, but I don't know what to do. Can you help me?

Making Family Memories

How can we be more intentional about doing things together that will strengthen relational bonds and family ties in the future? I know it's important to make good memories, but it's tough to find time for it with so much going on in day-to-day life. Do you have any suggestions or advice?

Husband Still Struggling After Wife Affair

How can we move forward in our marriage after going through a crisis of infidelity? A year and a half ago, I committed adultery. My spouse says he forgives me, but it's obvious that he still has a lot of anger. I'm doing everything I can to show him that I love him and that I'm repentant. I've asked God to forgive me, and I believe He has, but I want to feel that my spouse forgives me too. What can I do to help him stop dwelling on the past?

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