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77 percent of Africans are younger than 35. But they are also the least represented demographic. It's time their voices are heard as they shape the future of Africa. We bring you hard-hitting reports, personal stories and lively discussion direct from the continent about the issues that matter most.

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The 77 Percent — Education of African youths and career path

In this week's #The77Percent Show, we look at how education is impacting the career choices of young Africans. Do you think that with the coronavirus pandemic your job security might be affected because of your educational background? Listen to this interesting debate from young people in Zimbabwe

The 77 Percent - Sexual Health

On the 77 percent this week, we take our debate to Malawi and Cameroon, where young people discuss how they are dealing with sexual health matters. The COVID-19 pandemic has put a huge strain on health facilities, where the youth get better access to sexual and reproductive health services. How are you taking care of your sexual health? Join the debate!

The 77 Percent: Ghana's teenage girls and social media

What do the majority of Ghanaian teenage girls do on social media platforms? Listen to this week's #77Percent debate to find out. What's more, they also disclose where they get internet data if their parents decline their requests. #GirlZOffMute #DWAfrica

The 77 Percent - Traditional vs Modern lifestyles

In this week’s edition of #The77Percent, we will hear from the youth in Guinea who are against old customs and others in Kenya who are balancing ancient traditions with a new lifestyle. Should we scrap old traditions and customs and adapt to the modern way of life? Join the debate!

The 77 Percent - Freedom of speech on social media

Social media has provided an opportunity for the youth to express themselves freely, but this freedom can be abused. On #the77percent this week we hear from the youth in Ghana and Uganda debating on how they use social media and what should happen when free speech is taken advantage of. Join the debate!

The 77 percent - From dreams to nightmares - the experience of African migrants

The quest for a better future in a continent starved of opportunities has left many African youths with a dilemma. The journey to Europe and the USA, which has for a long time been sold as the best solution for the realization of dreams, is proving to be a mirage. On this week's 77 Percent, we hear from young African migrants in Sicily, Italy.

The 77 Percent — Do poor kids resent the rich?

As more Africans get wealthier, the gap between the rich and poor is widening along with access to opportunity. Does coming from a rich home guarantee success later in life? Listen to the #the77Percent show to understand how rich and poor kids view themselves.

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