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The Upper Cumberland is full of stories involving Civil War battles, presidents, & historical figures. Mountain True, with host Troy Smith, will share with you these stories that all took place right here in the area that we call home.
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The African American Community & The Civil War

This week on Mountain True, host Troy Smith shares some information gathered from recent years of personal research regarding the history of the African American community in the Upper Cumberland during the Civil War, specifically in White County, based on documented interviews with former slaves after the end of the…
20 Jul 2019 30 min

Champ Ferguson

This week on Mountain True, host Troy Smith dives deep into the history of the infamous Champ Ferguson, a notorious Confederate guerrilla during the American Civil War who claimed to have killed over 100 Union soldiers and pro-Union civilians.
6 Jul 2019 33 min


In the debut episode of Mountain True, host Troy Smith will introduce you to Tecumseh, a Native American Shawnee chief who led a multi-tribal confederacy during the Chickamauga Wars at the Battle of Rock Island, in White County.
22 Jun 2019 16 min