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Investec Focus Radio South Africa features conversations between leading minds from within Investec and other experts on economic, investment and business topics in addition to issues that go beyond wealth.
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NOW ep44: Offshore Investing: Positioning for volatile times

How is the current global economic climate shaping investment trends? And what is the outlook for the rest of the year? Our award-winning Investec World Axis fund managers share their insights on the latest episode of No Ordinary Wednesday podcast.
14 Mar 24 min

NOW ep43: SA Greylisted: What does it mean for you?

South Africa has been greylisted by global financial crime watchdog the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) for not fully complying with international standards around the prevention of money laundering, terrorist financing and proliferation financing. What will this mean for South African businesses and consumers? We unpack the latest developments.
28 Feb 23 min

Reimagining mental health ep3: Mental health and the economy

Health economists estimate that unaddressed mental health conditions (including depression and anxiety) cost our economy an estimated R161 billion per year as a result of lost days of work on account of illness, “presenteeism” (working longer hours), and in extreme cases premature mortality. In this episode we focus on the…
24 Feb 26 min

Reimagining mental health ep2: Democratising access through technology

Technology has opened new doors in mental health support and data collection, broadening access to support and enabling proactive management of mental illness. Katy Katopodis speaks to Behavidence's Dr. Janine Ellenberger, Panda's Allan Sweiden and Hannover Re's Dr. Matthew Procter.
23 Jan 27 min

Davos Debrief ep3: SA works to woo investors

As the annual World Economic Forum meetings come to an end, for the South African delegation it was clear that in order to get investors, the country needs to get back on a growth path. Ruth Leas, CEO of Investec Bank UK, shared our key takeaways from the event with…
20 Jan 14 min

Davos Debrief ep2: Rebalancing globalisation

Opportunities abound for emerging markets as developed market companies and countries reassess supply chains in a bid to become more resilient. Speaking from the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, Investec SA CEO Richard Wainwright says South Africa needs to grab this opportunity with both hands as this global rebalancing…
19 Jan 16 min

Davos Debrief ep1: Polycrisis or polytransformation?

Move over “stakeholder capitalism”. “Polycrisis” is the new buzzword at this year’s World Economic Forum in Davos, as global risks converge: from economic contraction and rising inflation to supply chain pressures and the Ukraine war. Tim Cohen, Editor of Business Maverick, speaks to Richard Wainwright, CEO of Investec Bank South…
18 Jan 21 min

NOW ep40: Eskom: can the SA economy avoid a meltdown?

Henk Langenhoven, Chief Economist of the Minerals Council of South Africa joins Investec's Treasury Economist and Power & Infrastructure team to discuss the impact of loadshedding on the mining sector and the wider economy.
17 Jan 26 min

Reimagining mental health ep1: Addressing the pandemic

A conversation with specialist panellists from the medical and insurance fields, on the role life insurers in the destigmatisation of mental health in South Africa. This extends from how the industry underwrites mental health conditions and to how insurers can support a change in the perceptions surrounding mental health.
8 Dec 2022 22 min

NOW ep39: 2023: Some relief on the cards but risks abound

Interest rates and inflation are expected to ease in 2023 but risks remain for growth. In this year-end episode of Investec’s No Ordinary Wednesday podcast, Chief Economist Annabel Bishop looks at the year ahead following a shaky 2022.
6 Dec 2022 19 min

Finding resilience during turbulence

With only weeks till we bid 2022 farewell, most of us are feeling tired and in need of some resilience. In this final Focus Talk of the year, you’ll gain an unusual take on how to negotiate and navigate a path to resilience. It’s not all about morning mantras! Watch…
6 Dec 2022 23 min

For young professionals | The role of a financial adviser

The journey to financial wellness is punctuated by sound decision-making in how you spend, save and invest your money as a professional. Fortunately, they aren’t decisions we need to take alone. In this episode of In Conversation, we unpack the role of the financial adviser in planning for your future.
5 Dec 2022 9 min

How to achieve gender parity in tech

Only 25% of technology jobs in South Africa are held by women, and only 13% of graduates with science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) qualifications are women. Lillian Barnard, Microsoft SA CEO joined Shabhana Thaver, Investec Specialist Bank CIO for a Focus Talk that centred around how to get more…
25 Nov 2022 20 min

In conversation: A New political dawn and the future of South Africa

Is South African politics on the verge of a major, generational change? And could this change South Africa’s economic outlook for the better? These were some of the possibilities raised at a recent In conversation event hosted by Investec. A panel made up of Mcebisi Ndletyana, professor of politics and…
24 Nov 2022 27 min

NOW ep38: COP27 - what it means for SA

A landmark deal, some reaffirmations and a failed agreement. In this episode of No Ordinary Wednesday, Jeremy Maggs in conversation with Investec Global Head of Sustainability Tanya Dos Santos-Ford and Melanie Jansen van Vuuren, Investec Group Sustainability Lead, take an in-depth look at the highs and lows of COP27 and…
22 Nov 2022 22 min

NOW ep37: SA economic forecast: grey clouds with patches of sun

In a wide-ranging conversation, Investec Bank Limited CEO Richard Wainwright shares his insights on the recent IMF meetings in Washington, the impact of the pending FATF grey listing, the outlook for inflation and interest rates, and how the private sector is the best hope for solving SA’s infrastructure woes.
8 Nov 2022 23 min

NOW ep36: Can Sunak soothe the markets?

Stabilise inflation, avert recession, resolve the energy crisis and bring down the cost of living. It’s a daunting to-do list that Rishi Sunak has inherited, but what does the new British PM need to focus on to regain the trust of the markets? Investec UK Chief Economist Phil Shaw and…
25 Oct 2022 21 min
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