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Market Wrap - Stock Pick — US Tech Stocks

Robert Towell from Sasfin Securities chose US Tech Stocks as his stock pick of the day. "I think it is very difficult in South Africa to find a stock pick right now, especially with the budget coming and the possible downgrade. So we're still looking offshore at the moment, we still think US tech is a place where you can find growth and so we're looking at the Apple, Amazon and Google store and we think that there's still a good six months of growth."

Market Wrap - Stock Pick — FirstRand

Steven Schultz from Momentum chose Firstrand as his stock pick of the day. "Stock pick this evening is FirstRand, I suppose its operating in a very challenging environment but, they have a pretty strong balance sheet at present. It's trading at the bottom of its two-year trading range, the thesis for FirstRand at present is an abundance of liquidity globally so, central banks are obviously going to remain in print mode and as a result we think there's definitely going to be a sustainable carry trade over the coming months if not years. The carry trade we think, is going to support local bond yields if not push local bond yields slightly lower and as a result of our very absent inflation locally. If that does happen, we think that rate sensitive assets like the bank shares and FirstRand for example will benefit from a bit of a rewriting. Base case for us is 17% return per annum for the next three years in our model and I think if you can purchase under R60 its a good buy"

Market Wrap - Stock Pick — FTSE Protocol

Viv Govender from Rand Swiss Offshore chose US Dollar FTSE Protocol as his stock pick of the day.

"It's a structure product and is based on the US FTSE 100. It's an auto-call and that if the FTSE is flat or positive in year two and every year there after you get a 9,5% to US dollar pay-off. This is a new product and will only launch officially next week."

Market Wrap - Stock Pick — Netcare

Nick Kunze from Sanlam Private Wealth chose Netcare as his stock pick of the day.

"We've been looking at a couple of local stocks, in the last couple of years it has worked to be offshore. We're a little bit more optimistic and looking at SA stock to focus on in 2020. We're looking at Netcare, we like it, it's very much a SA inc. play. It's quite defensive and they seem to be getting their house in order after the trials and tribulations that they had the last few years. So, we're going local for today."

Market Wrap - Stock Pick — cash

Caroline Cremen from Adviceworx chose cash as her stock pick of the day

“I'm relatively insecure about South Africa at this point and I also see that oversees things are probably a little bit overbought. So, my stock pick is going to be cash, but US dollar cash if you can get it."

Market Wrap - Stock Pick — Ulta Beauty

Imtiaz Suliman from Sentio Capital chose Ulta Beauty Inc as his stock pick of the day. "I'm going with Ulta Beauty Inc. It's a US listed retail company. They are sort of a mix between a Sorbet and a Dischem in whereby they do facials for men and they've got a bit of a salon element to it. They also sell quite a large range of perfumes, health and beauty care products which has been increasingly faster than the overall economy. We live in an age where Instagram is very popular and consumers want to look good. The stock has come back after the last trading update and I think it's a good opportunity to get into the share at these prices"

Market Wrap - Stock Pick — Anglo American

Sam Mokorosi from Vunani Capital chose Anglo American as his stock pick of the day. "In the last year we were very positive on precious metals. Gold for the geopolitical kind of angst that we're seeing and that continues. Platinum because of the use in cars and more on the platinum basket so, that theme continues into 2020. Specifically we like the platinum miners, we think rhodium and palladium are going to keep rallying, we think that the Platinum price is going to catch up soon because the PGM basket also needs a balance - a rebalance. Of all the platinum miners we like Anglo Plats the most, they don't have any big capex expenditure that's required, all the cash that they'll be generating is going to go straight to shareholders, so we continue to double down on the platinum miners."

Market Wrap - Stock Pick — Richemont

Imtiaz Suliman from Sentio Capital chose Richemont as his stock pick of the day.

"I'm going with Richemont, we've seen that Richemont has come back following the latest result in November. But I think on the back of strong global markets going forward, the sort of dampening down of the riots in Hong Kong - which they (Richemont) do have a big exposure to, that would be positive. They're also investing quite a bit in terms of the online segment which is the YOOX NET-A-PORTER, and that should bring a whole new segment and for them in particular."

Market Wrap - Stock Pick — Nepi Rockcastle

Grant Gilburt from Nedbank Private Wealth chose Nepi Rockcastle as his stock pick of the day.

"So given the elevated international equity markets, my concerns are on the local economy and I'm going for Nepi Rockcastle. A retail REIT, focused predominantly Romania and Poland. It's giving you a 7.5% in Euro and it should grow at 6%. Given all the uncertainties in the world, I think this is a safe place to be."

Market Wrap - Stock Picks — Standard Bank and Old Mutual

Steven Schultz from Momentum chose Standard Bank and Old Mutual as his stock picks for the day. "My stock pick this evening, if you can ignore your generator for a moment and take a bit of a positive view on South Africa and the two stock picks are Standard Bank and Old Mutual both very correlated to the South African economy. I think it's no secret consumers are under tremendous pressure which is causing massive dislocations in terms of valuations. If we could get a little bit of good news in to the South African consumer and SA Inc I think Standard Bank is probably the best valuation out of the big four or five listed banks. It trades at a forward p/e or for price-to-book rather of 1.5 and versus long-term 1.6, 1.7. Target price probably suggests around 200 or trades at 164."

Market Wrap - Stock Pick — TFG

Andile Buthelezi from Sentio Capital chose The Foschini Group as his stock pick of the day.

"I'm going with TFG today, look the South African macro environment is tough and it is probably not going to improve anytime soon going into 2020. TFG is probably being painted with the same brush as some of the other retailers but I would argue that TFG is potentially a bit more defensive geographically they've been a bit more diversified, so the yes they've got the SA exposure but they've also got the UK business and as we saw in the last result, the Australian business is also doing quite nicely. The South African business side benefit from the fact that around 22% of their production is domestically produced and they're looking to take the number up to 50% so it gives them nice flexibility in terms of if there's new fashion trends they can quickly react to that. Over and above that we've got decent exposure to the athleisure segment so via the Totalsports and Sportscene division. We've seen how structurally globally that's a that's a growing segment so Foschini has nice exposure to that. If you put all of these aspects together and you have the patience to wait it out, throughout this tough period I think at these levels is probably worth nibbling on particularly because the share price has done nothing this year.

Market Wrap - Stock Pick — Offshore

Viv Govender from Rand Swiss Offshore suggests that one should use their offshore allowance before the year ends.

"I remain adamant that you need to use your offshore allowance before the 31st of December. We're going to have a very turbulent 2020 and if you basically stuck with the allowance being wiped out this year you might be a little short next year when it comes to moving your money offshore."

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