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Market Wrap - Stock Pick — Motus

Nolwandle Mthombeni from Mergence Investment Managers chose Motus Holdings Ltd as her stock pick of the day.

"So I'm going with Motus and the one thing that I want to say is 'second-hand markets'. So the news the only thing that you get to see is the is the new car sales and those have been down, but those that have been capitalizing in a second-hand car vehicle market is not published and those figures are not known. They've got this great ecosystem where from rentals to car sales, to secondhand and new and they supply the parts, so they've created this great ecosystem that has enabled them to get them through growth, and at these levels they still very much under valued."

Market Wrap - Stock Pick — Naspers

Graeme Franck from PSG Wealth Sandton chose Naspers as his stock pick of the day.

"I'm going with Naspers and just to be clear I think the next few days are going to be quite volatile within the Naspers Prosus stable. Today was the last day to trade Naspers so tomorrow you still have an opportunity to give your elections for Prosus and then given the way that JC cycle settles - over a three day cycle, the Prosus shares will only list on client accounts possibly on Monday next week. We're unfortunately going to have a few days of volatility and a few days of asome what of a vacuum but that said, longer-term we do genuinely like Prosus, we think that the discount within Prosus relative to the Tencent and all the other internet assets will narrow quicker than it will be purely in Naspers. Unfortunately the Prosus will be a tax event for those clients that have elected Prosus now but we are somewhat indifferent to that given that you are going to have to pay CGT (capital gains tax) at some point, so for choice we would we would elect Prosus unless clients are extremely tax sensitive and they don't want to, but from a pure economic fundamental perspective you get the same economic exposure if you stay in Naspers as if you have a mix of Naspers and Prosus."

Market Wrap - Stock Pick — Adcock Ingram

Steven Schultz from Momentum chose Adcock Ingram as his stock pick of the day..

"I'm going with a Adcock Ingram, it's a great pharmaceutical company with a very strong balance sheet on a pier relative basis and we know that they're certainly not overextended from a gearing perspective and we've seen that hurt their competitors. It has had a very decent set of results earnings and their headline earnings operating profits both up double digits in the most recent results. They have lot of free cash flow coming and they do not have a lot of reliance on government although they did just win a decent slice of the anti retroviral government tender of about 12%. They've got a great portfolio including the likes of Citro-soda and we've seen Bioplus, Panado all going up double digits. I think they have a good portfolio and we've got a target price of 72 which means it implies about a 16 percent return over the next twelve months which we think is pretty decent."

Market Wrap - Stock Pick — BHP

Martin Smith from Anchor Securities chose BHP as his stock pick of the day."With global sentiment taking a little bit of a turn, again its kind of a bit of a seesaw with China and the US and obviously Brexit but at the moment it looks like the risk on trade is is happening so I think with view to that you look to something like bhp the resources are bouncing and on a relative valuation it's looking quite cheap, so I think that's one that you can make some money off in the short."​

Market Wrap - Stock Pick — Bid Corp

Craig Pheiffer from Absa Stockbrokers and Portfolio Management chose Bid Corp as his stock pick of the day.

"I'm going locally with Bid Corp, they reported not so long ago with a decent set of numbers of around 11% to 12% earnings growth. They are a global food services company and I think following that Bidvest model of being decentralised and organising their capital well. With a 20 PE it does come down over the next two years but it's a good one to have in your portfolio."

Market Wrap - Stock Pick — Bid Corp

Nick Kunze from Sanlam Private Wealth chose Bid Corporation Ltd as his stock pick of the day

"We are looking at Bid Corp, they came out at the start of the week with a nice set of results. Emerging markets space wasn't great but the developed markets increased by 20% and the stock is trading in the upper teens, so it's not cheap but you're paying for management and paying for quality."

Market Wrap - Stock Pick — Bidvest

Imtiaz Suliman from Sentio Capital chose Bidvest as his stock pick of the day

"I'm going with Bidvest, the company is a reflection of the South African economy with a bit of island that they made acquisition of Noonan so, overall a diversified SA company, a strong balance sheet, not highly geared and if there's
any uptick in South African GDP growth they tend to do very well from that. So I
think the new capacity that they've put in in terms of the LPG at Richards Bay terminal will come through in the next period and that will add further to their profits."

Market Wrap - Stock Pick — rand

Viv Govender from Rand Swiss Offshore talks about the rand as his stock pick option for the day."I'm still long on the rand, I still think that tomorrow's GDP number will be positive. If it is at around 2,5% as expected it will off course take away the technical recession issues and would show that we can get back on track and should be positive for the currency. Also, any kind of talks between China and the US will be positive for SA as well."

Market Wrap - Stock Pick — Northam Platinum

Liston Meintjies from Nvest Securities chose Northam Platinum Limited as his stock pick of the day.

"I like to buy companies that have a tailwind rather than a headwind, if you talk to me about retailers I would do some shopping. So what has a tailwind? The answer to me are the platinum shares. And it's not platinum, if you look at the platinum price it's well down on two years ago. However, the palladium price has practically doubled over the same period and it is now bigger in the platinum basket than platinum itself. So within that I choose Northam Platinum."​

Market Wrap - Stock Pick — Naspers

Waldo du Plessis from Nitrogen Fund Managers chose Naspers as his stock pick of the day.

"My stock is going to be Naspers, the Prosus pre-listing statement came out this this week I think there's a bit of value unlock just in the event and the excitement of it."

Market Wrap - Stock Pick — Super Group

Graeme Franck from PSG Wealth Sandton chose Super Group as his stock pick of the day.

Super Group came out with numbers earlier in the week and actually managed to grow their headline earnings per share by twelve percent and and that in the backdrop of the country that's battling so much. They're now trading on a p/e of about seven point five to seven point seven times so it's very low and that type of PE tends to indicate that earnings are going to fall as opposed to being up 12 percent. And just anecdotally, the valuation gap between SA Inc shares so the retailers, industrial, the banks versus the non SA inc shares so all the dual listed rand hedges stocks - that valuation gap has never been as high as it is now so the market is clearly worried about what's going on in South Africa

Market Wrap - Stock Pick — Standard Bank

Caroline Cremen from Adviceworx chose Standard Bank as her stock pick of the day

"Standard Bank is very well positioned to expand into Africa which will see their African operations grow. The purchase of a fin-tech company in South Africa is looking to extend banking service to the unbanked. They're in a great position in fin-tech generally, they're well capitalised and they can certainly spend more money on these things than some of the newer banks can. They also have a wonderful dividend yield of about six"

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