The Hangover

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This show explores the social culture as we have it in Zimbabwe, the organic, the borrowed and the acquired alike. It is an easy going, informative show that captures the very essence of a people's weekend goings on and everyday interactions. Join ThaQwinDrey and the lovely Lala as they share their own social experiences in an effort to tackle different social elements week by week.

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Coupling out

Here's free advice for going out as a couple, Don't do it... Seriously, just don't. But because you don't listen and probably will, we compiled a handbook of proper social etiquette and manners when you choose to have fun in twos. Subscribe and share us!

What do you know about Smart fun?

The best you never had Lala returns, and so does Dingytron on an episode full of curves and off the topic trails. So a bunch of aliens visit earth and to blend in they have to behave like humans. They all sit down and each of them whips out a smartphone. No one talks to anyone. Sound familiar? Oh thanks Disney XD. Tag that person who's always on their phone, everywhere! And get your hookup for all sorts of fun things to do this weekend which are not clubbing.

Who's your daddy ft Dingy

Every girl wants two things; firstly to be an independent, top of her game lady boss and secondly to just stay at home and have everything taken care of right? Well, thanks to evolution, and blesser daddies, such dreams are close to coming true. This week ThaQwinDrey is joined in studio by Dingy as they explore the sweeter side of life with a Daddy - or a Mommy, we shan't discriminate!

How much Skin is too much?

When is nothing better than something? The world of fashion runs by its own set of rules, lets see if they suffice also on the street and into the club! Also, Wakanda person hasn't watched Black Panther, full spoiler alert within!

Boom Shaka Shaka

You step into the club and behold, there is no music! LOL! Lets explore the vibe music gives to life and where it all started. Also, do you have a date for the Black Panther premiere? You are not the only one.. We have prepared you for the first time though, I promise you, we will be gentle

Its Smoking!

The first episode of 2018 goes onboard the Vic Falls Party bus, The Big Turn Up December edition and the Vic fallls Carnival with guest reviews from Steph Kapfunde and Wawwie Chabikwa. We find out just how popular braais are and what it is to know about them. As well apwhat to expect this coming weekend!

All things Alcohol

The main recipe for a hangover is alcohol right? So we thought we could break it down- well, our version rather. On this episode we bring to all the club freshmen "Alcohol 101 for all beginners" as well as try to tutor you about what to drink and where to drink it- drinking occasions. And in true hangover style, in our circles we will probably realise in due course the different types of drinkers as well as some "sdhakwa terms"- phrases that are common amongst alcoholics. Enjoy

The Night Life of Night Clubs

On this episode my sister Lulu and I explore aspects of night clubbing all over the world and what we have adopted as Zimbabweans. We are also extremely excited to present to you a " Night club starter pack for beginners" as well as to advise and warn you mostly of the "Types of friends to take to the club". And what are your thoughts about underage drinking?

The first Show Ever about The Hangover

Welcome to the Bubble of Lissy, a very hungover bubble, a tale of how it all began, the story that defines all things hangover! (maaan, this headache is crazy, but last night was lit though). Do you get hangovers too? because I suffer from them really badly as you shall soon realise. Therefore, its pretty easy to become part of the squad. Welcome to the Hangover...

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