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This show explores the social culture as we have it in Zimbabwe, the organic, the borrowed and the acquired alike. It is an easy going, informative show that captures the very essence of a people's weekend goings on and everyday interactions. Join ThaQwinDrey and the lovely Lala as they share their own social experiences in an effort to tackle different social elements week by week.

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Rocking up Winter Season ft Kudzai YB Wiscott

Joined by Kudzai YB Wiscott, Tha Qwin Drey plunges into many ways the love of socials can be applied to the winter cold. Also discussed, is getting the best out of a bad hang over where they pick on the few times you wake up really hanging and say to yourself, "Thank God"

So you drink together, are you better friends?

Dingy and Lala have a go at the wifey material, is your conventional bhawa ranger the person to consider as wife and mother of your kids? We give you pointers on why people who drink together are probably better friends than those who don't, the upside and all the down sides to it.

What do girls really do on a girls night out

Girl code for what? We spill the tea with our new co-host, Sylvia AKA Siri. If she called it, its probably true, girls, “pray” and they do it all night! LOL. Find out who all the wrong people in the right places are out there on the social scene. Where do our elite hang out?, Hollup, What is an Elite hangout?

Eyeing a guy, The female perspective

So you have been out and about and on that rare occasion, you find yourself under the spotlight of a girl near your vicinity...what could she be looking at? Find out more here. Also, is Zimbabwe ready for international headlines on the entertainment scene.

What if alcohol isn't the only thing you can get hung over? Ft Tulk Munny

We had a script, and we didn't stick to it. So like good friends who really vibe we played catch up on the new new. Wedding season! If you haven't gone to one or aren't planning on doing so, eloping is also pretty fashionable. But if you plan to, don't touch the coleslaw salad. Together with weddings is pregnancy season, we just had to! Who knew you could get hung over herbs? We give you the tell all. Check out Tulk's hottest tracks, Chepacheja, Tsika Jaivh and Uptown Tsotsi!

That OK OK Episode ft Takura

The girls are joined by founder of the Hangover, That Bubbly Lissy as they have a cosy one-on-one with musical sensation, Takura pending his album launch. Adding one plus one, we appreciate the inspiration behind his fresh album and where his love life is headed. How do you quit alcohol? Anyone? We take you down the path that few of us have walked and hold your hand

I am in love with a DJ ft Kronik and Antisocial

This week our founder That Bubbly Lissy serves us a handbook on how to be more than just friends with your DJ crush. In the studio with Dingy, Kronik and Antisocial, Lala and ThaQwinDrey handout advise to socially awkward people who want to cross over to the other side. New segment featured within too.

Don't waste that beard

Lala and ThaQwinDrey examine facial hair to recognise the best on men so far, not that they would agree, but hey! Somebody had to lay down the facts. And if you ever wondered why you keep falling for the non committal guy, we arm you with everything you need to know about fuckbois and how to make it worth your while.

A woman, a club and one dirty word

There is a thin line between drunk sex and hangover sex, and we had to find out. Meanwhile, are clubs a no go area for women to keep their dignity in tact? Or we need a rulebook on how to treat the lesser sex who loves things most.

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