The Hangover

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This show explores the social culture as we have it in Zimbabwe, the organic, the borrowed and the acquired alike. It is an easy going, informative show that captures the very essence of a people's weekend goings on and everyday interactions. Join ThaQwinDrey and the lovely Lala as they share their own social experiences in an effort to tackle different social elements week by week.

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Bar crawling like a pro ft Mr IDGAF

You can't drink all day lest you start in the morning. This week Mr. IDGAF gives us no fucks in the club-hopping territory and discusses the why, how, what and everything in between the art of club hopping. Also on the show is the lingo you need to mingle with the cool kids of the club. And lastly, when Mr. IDGAF gives a fuck!

Just how Christian are resident club goers? Feat Sokostina

A little country in the heart of the Southern African continent prouds itself of its religious status, leaving the X generation standing on the blurry lines of what is acceptable and what is not. Sokostina weighs in on the spiritual life of a bhawa ranger and how to manage date rape. Also, why she likes her rum and gin in the same cocktail!

When Is Anal Sex A Good Idea

The best way to end any crazy night is through a healthy fluid exchange. The girls debated on whether the exit can be used as an exit and if alcohol is the best lube. Also a contacts audit to help you spot wanna be blessers beforeyou find yourself running away from the bill.

Is the club a good place for conversation?

Ralph joins us for the first installment of #Askingforafriend and we get a seat on the panel.

Dear people who pick up new 'friends' or whatever while at the club, sometimes or rather we never want to talk about anything. Or so Lala thought... ThaQwinDrey on the other hand had other intuitions. Cousin Louis joins us for the first show with a story about doing 'it' in the bathroom. #trauma

Parent's don't get it ft Brian Willis

We have a sit down with a solid panel with over 90 years combined of being a child and discuss the worst parenting regimes yet experienced and the best ones yet to come. Brian Willis and Tjenisani Nleya try and convince us that the night out with the boys is more than just hours of nothingness.

You and Your Ex cool in the club? ft Marcus Zee

It's not everyday that you bump into your ex at the place of enjoyment, and for that very rare occasion, we arm you with the right ammunition to combat that awkward energy. Also in this episode is how to third wheel like a boss! Relate? Instant giveaways to attend The Mesh this weekend within.

North, South of Samora vibes ft Taku Nashe

We have a special guest and a commentator in South of the Samora parties and drink ups, lucky for us Dingy is a well seasoned member of both teams, and well QwinDrey could be the 'musaladi' who ruined Unplugged for us. Find out what makes a great turn up on either ends.

Why Zim Clubs lack class - The Classy Troll ft John Cole

If we said that we had J Cole in the studio it wouldn't be a lie now would it? And maaaan was he on a roll, serving shots to Zim artists and giving us the 411 on why clubs in Zim are not big on the VVIP standard. We get to talk about Dance with Cole and the vision for this new project Color of Dance.

Rocking up Winter Season ft Kudzai YB Wiscott

Joined by Kudzai YB Wiscott, Tha Qwin Drey plunges into many ways the love of socials can be applied to the winter cold. Also discussed, is getting the best out of a bad hang over where they pick on the few times you wake up really hanging and say to yourself, "Thank God"

So you drink together, are you better friends?

Dingy and Lala have a go at the wifey material, is your conventional bhawa ranger the person to consider as wife and mother of your kids? We give you pointers on why people who drink together are probably better friends than those who don't, the upside and all the down sides to it.

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