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The Hangover

This show explores the social culture as we have it in Zimbabwe, the organic, the borrowed and the acquired alike. It is an easy going, informative show that captures the very essence of a people's weekend goings on and everyday interactions. Join ThaQwinDrey and the lovely Lala as they share their own social experiences in an effort to tackle different social elements week by week.
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#RedCup Round Up! ft The COOL kids

#Redcup puts alcohol brands to the test! Find out what the #Hangers love to drink for every kind of mood!! We like to party so we might as well make some money out of it. We talk about how events in Zim are making money and if its the best…
6 Jun 2019 1 hr 03 min

If you can't beat them party with them

There's always that one factor that makes you find yourself out when you didn't want to be, alcohol and girls seem to be the top motivation. And yes we may be considered as the wilder generation but we just might have better parenting notes because we party on and we…
28 May 2019 41 min

If its not fun, its not parting!

Who knew old school would actually find new school nightlife so interesting and such a breath of free vibes! We drop a real-life mental health bomb on bhawarangers, what are we really escaping from when we party? And Farai comes through with all kinds of kisses
20 May 2019 52 min

Social clout!

We can't deny that baby fever is looking more like a trend than an actual parental decision.Lala gives ATG and Mr. IDFG chills with the thought of straight clubs just possibly becoming non-existent in the next three generations!
9 May 2019 1 hr 05 min

Mafaro chose us!

Lala stays arguing with the boys! This time over pregnancy not being a turn-up disability! A whole criteria check with the definition of a celebrity and how we underestimate their social scene lifestyle. And trust you definitely wanna party with Ishan!
2 May 2019 1 hr 05 min

This hangover has no cure!

It's called looking for evaluation not drug addiction!..the stereotype of bhawarangers being "drug abusers" gets trashed with good reason...and for the first time Lala and Yerorp agree on something! Zim we just ain't ready for the social scenes we crying for!
25 Apr 2019 58 min

It begins in the CLUB!

Why not put condoms in the most sexual place of culture!?...Boi Mac says it's got to be a quality condom and Sway stands by half a loaf is better than nothing...And one word fits the perfect description for Zim social scene FLEX! Naka dula daka!
25 Apr 2019 47 min

Hangers have spoken!

The Hangers give us their top 3 places to burn up the dance floor and they tell us why! Different things really do happen at different times in the nightlife on both sides of Samora! Lala and Yerorp weigh in on that!
4 Apr 2019 1 hr 01 min

My last dollar worth the club?

No POVO sauce! No VIP money! Both club sections get weighed, and povo rights get rewritten! And why must we be left broke after a night out when the value of the service is even more broke!?
29 Mar 2019 1 hr 05 min

U can't trust millennial bhawarangers!

"Uncle curtly" confirms that a guy's slacking is what triggers the thot inside every girl! Generation X understood the turn-up life better than Generation Y? Or are millennial's just broke rather than stingy?
21 Mar 2019 50 min

Nightlife school in session!

Yes, there is a way to behave as bhawarangers, we checking our club etiquette with no mercy! Lala and Yerorp give us a whole tutorial on the difference between a pub, nightclub and lounge and some do's and don'ts. Get your pens and notebooks out! You're going to need a…
14 Mar 2019 1 hr 06 min

Listen! Don't kill my vibe! Ft Bash

Turn up, turn offs are clearly proven to be the major Ls to a bhawa rangers mood and who is really aiding rapey tendencies into our social scenes, the ladies or gents? Oh and PS: Even the boys agree men are trash!
8 Mar 2019 46 min

No love in this club Usher!

A real life testimony still doesn't convince the HANGER'S that finding love in the club is good for anything other than catching an STD! And #Clubdetox recap reminds us as bhawa rangers who our real enemy is! #momz vepaPabloz must fall! vatinyanyira!
28 Feb 2019 53 min

Ready to take it to third base? ft. ATG

Why ATG would rather wait for his hook up to be marinated elsewhere and why not he is a fan of doing the pre-works himself...and keeping it cool after getting it on with the unexpected seems to be easier said than done.
27 Nov 2018 58 min

Before the night ends ft Sean

Why quitting is for the dead and a trick to ensure that your crush lets your fingers into the honey pot in just one night!
29 Oct 2018 47 min

Who are you dancing with all night?

Cousin Louis, Lala and Drey host Mox in what becomes comic relief for everyone. Handy tips for Zimbabwean men who aren't used to seeing ladies having a good time and some good old fashioned stereotype on when to start drinking and for the why?
12 Oct 2018 1 hr 16 min

How logical can drunk sex be?

Qwin , Lala and Mr IDGAF give a shot on advice for some bimb ass drunk ass ANYWHERE. What works, what doesn't and why you should try it. Also, do real men love women who know what they want and go for it? Lizwe tells us why he's fown with…
6 Oct 2018 1 hr 03 min

A little vent on gay rights and stuff

In this episode, Qwin, Lala and Dingy talk about the only kind of love that you can find in the club and why all else is scarce. Lala hands out free tips on how to twerk at an angle to scout for love. Also, all things about gay clubs, body…
27 Sep 2018 46 min

Bar crawling like a pro ft Mr IDGAF

You can't drink all day lest you start in the morning. This week Mr. IDGAF gives us no fucks in the club-hopping territory and discusses the why, how, what and everything in between the art of club hopping. Also on the show is the lingo you need to mingle with…
13 Sep 2018 59 min
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