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Kagame poised to extend rule for fourth term as Rwanda heads to polls

2024 is a big election year for the world and especially for Africa, and in July all eyes are on Rwanda.  Rwandans will cast their ballots on Monday in an election where President Paul Kagame is expected to secure another term, facing the same opponents he defeated in 2017.Kagame, who…
14 Jul 13 min

African displacements and the search for refuge, in life and art

Displacement takes many forms, from refugees forced into exile to returnees who find themselves strangers what was once home. In this episode, we speak to aid workers about the very different experiences of refugees in Sudan and Mauritania, and hear from an artist who draws on his own migrations between…
28 Jun 22 min

Global South amplifies calls for compensation for historical injustices

This week, we are addressing the issue of reparations for historical injustices, including slavery, colonial violence, and war crimes. Calls for compensation are gaining momentum, particularly in the Global South, with a strong focus on the Caribbean and Africa. These reparations could take various forms, primarily financial compensation.Activists argue that…
14 Jun 17 min

South Africa's ANC on the brink of losing majority, coalition government looms

In this episode of Spotlight on Africa, Melissa Chemam discusses the recent elections in South Africa and the possibility of the ruling ANC losing its overall majority, potentially forcing it into a coalition government. On  29 May, South Africans participated in parliamentary and provincial elections in the most fiercely contested…
31 May 18 min

South Africa's 2024 Elections: young voters and the legacy of apartheid

South Africa is holding general and provincial elections on 29 May. In this episode of Spotlight on Africa, we look at young people and the elections and how  the country has changed since the end of apartheid in 1994.   First, we talked to the director of the Ichikowitz Family Foundation,…
17 May 17 min

After Senegal's success, can Mali and Niger also hope for elections?

The delayed March presidential vote in Senegal confirmed the country remains a beacon of democracy in a region facing increasing instability. RFI looks at how the peaceful victory of Bassirou Diomaye Faye and mentor Ousmane Sonko stands to influence the politics of neighbouring Sahel nations. This edition of Spotlight on Africa…
19 Apr 18 min

The long path to Senegal's troubled presidential elections

This is a big election year for Africa, with 16 countries heading to the polls. Close attention is being paid to the delayed presidential vote in Senegal – a West African beacon of democracy that is facing increasing instability. RFI spoke to author and economist Ndongo Samba Sylla in the capital Dakar. …
22 Mar 16 min

Spotlight on Africa - Ethiopia's triple threat against locusts

Ethiopia is currently battling one of its worst locust invasions since 1958. But since then, the country has rolled out a defense system to make sure damage is minimal across the country. Find out more in this edition of Spotlight on Africa.
20 Feb 2020 18 min

Spotlight on Africa - France's Africa Ambition

The time to invest in Africa is now. That was the message hammered home at last week’s France-Africa business summit, which saw the French government position itself as a new investment hub for the continent. Yet, many French companies still shy away from African markets and bilateral trade has fallen…
6 Nov 2019 11 min

Spotlight on Africa - Can France’s minorities learn from US slavery struggle?

In August, America marked 400 years since the arrival of the first Africans in 1619, which started the institution of slavery. In France, observers are questioning whether there are lessons to be learned for France’s African community. In a brightly lit room of the American library in Paris, members of…
4 Oct 2019 13 min

Spotlight on Africa - Black model art show challenges France's colour blindness

A recent Paris exhibition honouring forgotten black models of modern art has shone a spotlight on black identity in a society where race remains a controversial subject. France has been multicultural "since the 19th and 20th century", says Denise Murrell, co-curator of Le Modèle Noir or Black Models. The landmark exhibition on modern art’s forgotten…
16 Sep 2019 14 min

Spotlight on Africa - What's behind Macron's courting of the African diaspora?

France has recently made overtures to the African diaspora, inviting them to be the bridge between France and their countries of origin. Critics say it's move to regain a foothold in the former colonies. But France's African community could leverage its influence to ask for recognition at home. In France,…
20 Jul 2019 10 min

Spotlight on Africa - Teenage flight of fancy from Cape Town to Cairo

A group of 20 teenagers are set to make aviation history when they fly a light aircraft from Cape Town, South Africa to Cairo in Egypt on 15 June. Together they will fly the length of the continent, covering over 10,000 kilometres in a plane they assembled themselves. Seventeen-year-old Megan…
31 May 2019 10 min

Spotlight on Africa - Rwanda's challenging road to reconciliation

In the 25 years since the Rwandan genocide, the country has emerged to become one of Africa’s success stories. Its remarkable recovery has stemmed from efforts towards nation-building. But some critics argue this bid for ethnic reconciliation is far from complete. In this week’s Spotlight on Africa, RFI's Christina Okello…
21 Apr 2019 10 min