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Chad: What's going on and what next?

A leading critic of Chad's military leader, Mahamat Déby, has been killed in a shootout with security forces, that's according to officials Yaya Dillo's death comes after the government blamed him for a deadly attack on the country's security agency. He had denied the accusation. Several others were killed following…
1 Mar 9AM 35 min

Ghana passes controversial anti-LGBTQ+ bill

Ghana ‘s parliament unanimously passed a controversial anti-LGBTQ+ bill that could get some people sent to prison for 10 years. Is the proposed law constitutional and is it really about promoting family values?Concern grows in South Africa over how children access guns.  And what is circular finance, and can it…
29 Feb 9AM 34 min

A landmark deal for Libya. How will it work?

According to the Libyan government, militias have agreed to leave Libya's capital, Tripoli, following lengthy negotiations. The deal comes after a series of deadly clashes in the city in recent months. The country has been battered by armed groups who emerged after the overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi in 2011. How…
28 Feb 9AM 33 min

Why are Malawi's Catholic Bishops critical of the government?

Malawi's influential Catholic Bishops have written a letter criticising President Lazarus Chakwera's government. They say the country is worse off now. than it was four years ago.  The government has acknowledged the issues raised by the church.  Also how widespread is the recruitment of child soldiers in Africa?And we hear…
27 Feb 9AM 32 min

Why are migrants using Mauritania to get to Europe?

There's been a rise in the number of people attempting the dangerous Atlantic crossing from West Africa to Europe. Migrants are once again returning to Mauritania, which is struggling to cope with the growing numbers. Why are migrants choosing Mauritania?Also, we'll hear a personal and distressing story of how a…
26 Feb 8AM 28 min

Are child-beggars on Uganda's streets 'sold'?

More than 100 mothers in Uganda have been given community service for allowing their children to beg on the streets of Kampala. We hear more about why street-begging is a huge issue in the country and how most are from a particular region where they are sold as a commodity.Senegal’s…
23 Feb 9AM 30 min

South Africa's youth struggling to find jobs

South Africa's finance minister Enoch Godongwana, acknowledged that the country's economy is facing 'a tipping point'. There's massive youth unemployment in South Africa and this recent forecast won't be favourable to young people. We hear reaction and look at possible solutions.Also, Somalia signs a military and economic deal with Turkey…
22 Feb 9AM 39 min

As inflation rises in Nigeria, how expensive is food?

There's anger in Nigeria as food prices continue to rise. Some people have taken to the streets in protest. Inflation is at its highest the country has seen for a generation, at almost 30%. How is the government dealing with the problem? Also, Kenya's shilling strengthened against the dollar a…
20 Feb 9AM 31 min

Why does Nigeria’s electricity supply keep collapsing?

Despite being an energy-rich country, Nigeria has been experiencing widespread blackouts and power cuts. We hear from the former boss of the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission on what needs to be done to fix the national grid. Also, we meet the lawyer who defies threats of violence, to defend people…
16 Feb 9AM 32 min

What will it take to stop Senegal’s election protests?

Senegal’s President Macky Sall is coming under increasing pressure from West African leaders and the international community to reverse a decision to postpone the presidential election. He is accused of putting the country’s democratic path on to “a dead end”. We find out why some asthma inhalers are environmentally unfriendly.And…
14 Feb 9AM 41 min

What is behind the latest resurgence of fighting in Eastern DR Congo?

There has been a resurgence of fighting in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo involving rebels from the ethnic Tutsi-led M23 movement. Thousands of civilians have fled the violence. What is behind this latest escalation and what do the rebels want?Nurses and midwives in Nigeria protest new rules for verifying their…
13 Feb 9AM 28 min

Afcon 2023: Was it the best ever?

The just concluded Africa Cup of Nations has been hailed as a huge success but what will be the lasting legacy for the host nation, Ivory Coast.Is chemical castration the solution? Madagascar’s parliament has approved a law allowing for the chemical or surgical castration of those found guilty of the…
12 Feb 9AM 32 min

Why are Ugandan nationals still trapped in Myanmar?

The Ugandan government says it's involved in rescue efforts to secure the release of at least 30 citizens still caught in scam compounds in Myanmar. Also, why are mllions of people still battling tropical diseases on the continet? And does Zanzibar, a popular tourist destination, have an alcohol shortage?
9 Feb 10AM 33 min

Why African countries are saying no to the death penalty

Zimbabwe's government has moved to abolish the death penalty, nearly two decades after the country's last execution. Last year, Ghana become the 29th country in Africa to do the same. So, is Africa leading the way when it comes to abolishment? Also, why do conversations about Menopause matter? And the…
8 Feb 9AM 33 min

Indaba: Is Africa benefitting from its mineral wealth?

The African Mining Indaba 2024 on how to invest in the African mining sector, is taking place in Cape Town, South Africa.  Who benefits the most from the continent's expansive mining industry and is investment in mineral processing in the continent on course? There is an increase of cases of…
7 Feb 9AM 31 min

Why are Senegal’s delayed elections controversial?

Senegelese President Mackay Sall, shocked the country over the weekend by announcing that the upcoming February 26th election would be delayed.  This led to protests and a vote by lawmakers, agreeing to extend the Presidents tenure and delay elections until December. Is this move lawful? Also, Botswana often tops the list…
6 Feb 8AM 31 min

Nairobi County Governor vows to act following gas fire

After the huge gas explosion and fire that engulfed buildings and cars, killing at least six people and injuring scores of others, we hear from Nairobi County Governor Sakaja Johnson, on what action is being taken to investigate officials accused of being "incompetent and corrupt". Ethiopia is on the brink…
5 Feb 9AM 28 min

Is Facebook losing its appeal in Africa?

As Facebook looks to celebrate its 20th birthday on Sunday, we look at its appeal on the continent. What do Africans think about the social media platform?Also Tunisia positions itself as a competitive destination for medical tourism And Ethiopia wants to ban fuel imported cars for personal use, replacing it…
2 Feb 9AM 40 min
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