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With so much happening each weekday morning with Darren, Keri & Sky, you'd be forgiven for missing parts of the action! Here are the best bits from Darren Maule, Keri Miller and Sky Tshabalala.

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Recap of the ridiculous things we could not buy during harsher lockdown

Do you remember when we could not buy things like chocolate?
Things as simple as a nail filer?
You could not buy snacks.
The 2020 hard lockdown saw South Africans be restricted to only essentials and in hindsight one wonders how fair was that.
Take a listen to funnier and more ridiculous things we could not buy.

This is why we are looking for the Umhlanga Rocks Drive mystery man...

Yesterday Keri Miller came to work and shared that she and some of the residents of The Village in Umhlanga get to enjoy the view of a certain fit man who jogs up the road every morning between 5:30AM and 6:30AM
We are now helping her search for the mystery jogger.
Take a listen what will happen after we find him.

What's making Sky let go off the moody Tuesdays?

It's a Tuesday with only Darren and Sky this morning. They have their little recap of what's happening in the sports world currently. And fortunately, Sky is feeling a little lighter.
Might this be because of the rant he had yesterday?
Take a listen what it was about...

Are they watching and listening to us? How are our social media algorithms designed?

Earlier this morning, Darren and Keri shared interesting experiences regarding their respective social media experiences.
When they looked at the random content shared on the social media feeds, it reflected the items or things they were talking about.
So, for Keri Miller she had spoken endlessly about a speaker.
And now, she had multiple Bluetooth speaker ads showing up. We asked KZN listeners if they were also experiencing the same thing and if it might be that we are be watched or listened to.
Take a listen

#ECRThrive@25 brings back Every Caller Wins

Our birthday is around the corner! We are turning 25 on Saturday the 9th of October 2021. It has been an exciting journey with highs, lows, and pure joy. To celebrate our birthday, we are giving listeners a chance to win a share of R300 000 on Friday the 8th of October with Every Caller wins.
Take a listen how to make sure you win.

How much faith has Sky lost in the Springboks?

If you are a Springboks fan, you probably have similar strong feelings about the team's performance as Sky. Is it as bad as he says it it?
Recently, on Saturday 25 September they played against New Zealand's All Black and lost but so as horribly as Sky thinks they will in the next match with the All Blacks.
We all know that he is not only a sports presenter but an equally passionate sports fan as well.
Take a listen as he shares what he thinks will happen for the upcoming match against All Blacks.

"Does the robot/virtual influencer get paid actual money?" - About Kim Zulu

There are so many interesting questions we have about the virtual perosnality,
"Can you touch her?"
"Does she show up for events if you call her for a gig?"
"Does she actually audition like everyone else and all the other human influencers?"
Lebo Kambule, creator of this proudly South African robot answers these questions.

How did the concept of Kim Zulu, a robot/virtual personality, come about?

She is South Africa's first virtual influencer created by The Avatar Company's Lebo Kambule.
Most people say she is a robot and she describes herself as one.
After having worked with big brands like Russia Fashion Week, Engen and Veet.
Let's get to know what the big deal about 'Kim Zulu' the robot girl or influencer is.
Listen here

Braai Day plans looking up for Darren, Keri and Sky. How about you?

Today on pseudo-Friday, your favourite trio share how they would actually prefer more weeks like this.
Where it ends on a Thursday or rather starts with a Tuesday.
Which do YOU prefer?
Also, what are your plans for tomorrow? South Africans are celebrating Heritage and Braai Day. So share your plans for the day with us.

Keri's Couch: "After walking, it's flight and the wheelchair in many ways is that" - Musa E. Zulu

When you have go to the blurb of his latest offering, 'I AM ART' THE 40TH ANNIVERSARY' one comes across the reviews that were written about the inspiring author, Musa E. Zulu. They are all in unison - he is undeniably inspiring in how he has lived his life considering his greatest life-altering event back in 1995.

Keri Miller felt the exact same way when she heard about the strides he had taken in his life and the different industries in which he leaves his admirable mark.

Take a listen as he shares his awe-inspiring life journey with Keri Miller

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