Pricing & packages

Simple month-to-month pricing for all our packages.

Stream archive

Archive radio stream audio to cloud storage. Requires our streaming product.

Base monthly rate, includes 1 month retention period $15
Per additional 1 month retention period +$3

How it works

The base monthly rate includes a 1 month rentention period. When the retention period is filled, older content will be removed to make space for new content.

Web based stream admin panel allows access to the stored content. Allows previewing with web player and downloading to a local file via third-party tool. See details in our support article.


The stream audio archive product is licensed only for internal use by the station and not for audio distribution to end users. Our podcast platform can be used to distribute audio-on-demand content to listeners. Stations may not provide listeners direct access to this archive and we reserve the right to revoke access to this product when abused.