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The Business Report is now a daily magazine programme. With a daily 'Lead Story' and other rotating features, we'll continue to 'shine a light' on the Namibian economic environment, while taking a 'deeper dive' into topics such as mining, trade, agriculture, technology, tourism, and investments. The ‘Spotlight’ feature you've come to love will still air along with the ‘Weekly Economics Wrap’, and we still bring you our daily ‘Biz News’ bulletin too.
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SIM Card registration deadline getting closer

David speaks to CRAN's Manager for Consumer Relations and Advocacy, Hilia Mhani, and Manager for Dispute Resolution and Enforcement, Maria Uushona, about the looming deadline and what will happen to those who have not registered their SIMs by 31 December 2023.
28 Sep 13 min

The Alexforbes Lead Story - 28 September

Angie speaks to Electricity Control Board CEO, Robert Kahimise about plans to adjust tariffs for 11 distribution licensees by the end of the month due to the majority of them failing to apply for these adjustments.
28 Sep 9 min

Tech Support - 26 September

Our resident tech expert Gerald Engelbrecht takes a look at three types of technology used in business to save time and money.
26 Sep 2 min

Alexforbes Lead Story - 26 September

In the Lead story, Gary speaks to Quinton Van Rooyen Junior, the Deputy CEO of Trustco about the third successful renewal of its Environmental Clearance Certificate for the Lafrenz Industrial Township Development.
26 Sep 8 min

Alexforbes Lead Story - 25 September

In the Lead story, Angie speaks to Yvette Mtolo-Phiri the Chairperson of The Retirement Funds Institute of Namibia about the just ended 16th annual Conference
25 Sep 9 min

Alexforbes Lead Story - 25 September

Gary speaks to Trustco's Quinton van Rooyen Jr about having obtained the third renewal of the Enviroment Clearance Certificate regarding their current Industrial property development in Lafrenz, and the expansion to Phase 3 of this development.
25 Sep 8 min

Jose Kahuna on personal finance - part 6

Business consultant, entrepreneur, trainer, and co-author of "Entrepreneurship Made Easy", Jose Kahuna, provides tips and tricks on how to manage your money and grow your wealth in this series of personal finance talks.
25 Sep 3 min

Alexforbes Lead Story - 21 September

Gary speaks to Eben De Klerk, advisor to the Economic Policy Research Association about his concerns on the Financial Intelligence Amendment Act, which was signed into law on the 21st of July 2023.
21 Sep 9 min

The RMA Spotlight - 21 September

In this week's Spotlight, Gary speaks to the CEO of the Namibia Savings and Investment Association (NaSIA) Jason Hailonga
21 Sep 14 min

Alexforbes Lead Story - 19 September

The Ministry of Environment, Forestry, and Tourism says Namibia could generate at least 1.5 billion tonnes of biomass from the 45 million hectares of the country that is bush encroached. Minister Pohamba Shifeta, said to date, nearly 2 million tonnes of biomass are harvested every year, translating into thousands of…
19 Sep 7 min

Agriculture Focus - 19 September

Livestock and crop farming are increasingly under threat from risks such as drought and it has become essential for farmers to explore diversification options to sustain their farming ventures. Hanks Saisai, Technical Advisor at the Agricultural Bank
19 Sep 5 min

Tech Support - 19 September

Our resident tech expert Gerald Engelbrecht takes a look at tools that can aid in the strategic scaling of business models.
19 Sep 2 min

Market Watch - 18 September

In the Market Watch, we have local economist Gabriel Erastus, updating us with a global market forecast.
18 Sep 4 min

Alexforbes Lead Story - 18 September

The Retirement Funds Institute of Namibia will host its 16th annual Conference from 21-22 September 2023 at Droombos, Angie speaks to Yvette Mtolo-Phiri the Institute's Chairperson about the conference.
18 Sep 19 min
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