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24 Nov 2022 5AM 8 min

Hands For Hearts

In this episode, Cookie Doorasamy interviews Juanitha from the organization Hands For Hearts about the work they are engaged in
26 Sep 2022 6AM 4 min

Mental Health

Thiru wraps up the day by chatting to a mental health journalist & author, Glynis Horning.
9 Sep 2022 6AM 14 min

Heart Awareness Month Week 2

In this episode, Thiru Peter chats to Health Promotions Manager of the Heart & Stroke Foundation South Africa about the heart awareness months as well as cardiovascular disease.
9 Sep 2022 6AM 11 min

Premarital Counseling

In this episode, Cynthia talks to Israel Ndlovu, a premarital counsellor based in Pietermaritzburg.
8 Sep 2022 6AM 7 min

Maths & Science

In this episode, Vinora chats with Desiree Gengan, a mathematics and science teacher about the state of mathematics and science nationally.
6 Sep 2022 6AM 19 min

Heart Awareness Month Week 1

In this episode Thiru is joined by Dana Govender, the health promotions manager for the Heart & Stroke Foundation South Africa about the Heart Awareness Month as well as cardiovascular health.
2 Sep 2022 6AM 9 min

Grant Oosthuizen

In this episode, Cynthia speaks to Grant, a qualified Graphic Designer who runs an NPO called Get Inspired.
1 Sep 2022 6AM 7 min

Health Checkups - Nicole Jennings

In this episode Thiru interviews Nicole Jennings, spokesperson person of Pharma Dynamics about the important of health screenings and woman's health.
26 Aug 2022 6AM 8 min

Women In Sport

In this episode Cynthia speaks to Babalwa a sportswoman Babalwa from uMthatha in the Eastern Cape about the commitments needed in sports.
25 Aug 2022 6AM 6 min

Rosh Peters.

In this episode, Vinora interviews counsellor and author Rosh Peters for woman's month looking back at her walk with the Lord.
23 Aug 2022 6AM 26 min


In this episode, Cookie Doorasamy interviews Robert, a pastor from uMlazi about the topic and death as well as salvation.
22 Aug 2022 6AM 12 min


In this episode, Thiru Peter Tackles health matters with a Dialysis-Nurse talking about the problem of bladder cancer.
19 Aug 2022 6AM 8 min

Senatte Serano

Celebrating the influence of women in our lives, Vinora Pillay talks to Senate Serano about women in the kingdom of God.
16 Aug 2022 6AM 28 min
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