In John 8:36 Jesus makes a wonderful statement of victory. He says, “So if the Son sets you free you will be free indeed.”

Heart To Heart - presented by Mike Harty, a trustee at the Shekinah Foundation Trust which exists to bring awareness of the problems of substance abuse in society - brings testimonies of those freed by The Lord from drug addiction.
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The Problem of Addiction

In this episode, Mike gives a talk concerning the issue of addiction as seen in the scriptures.
13 Mar 36 min

A difficult childhood

In this episode, Mike speaks to Larise Fourie on her difficult journey through the formative years of her life.
13 Mar 41 min

Charl's story

In this episode, Mike speaks to Charl about his story of addiction, bondage and the deliverance of The Lord.
6 Mar 40 min

City Hope Disaster Relief

In this episode, Mike speaks to a young man by the name of Sanele Gaza about serving those in need.
28 Feb 37 min

Chris Meyer Part 2

In this episode, Mike speaks to pastor Chris Meyer about his former addiction of alcoholism and the need for deliverance.
21 Feb 38 min

Chris Meyer Part 1

In this episode, Mike speaks to pastor Chris Meyer about his former addiction of alcoholism and the need for deliverance.
14 Feb 38 min

Chris & Chade

In this episode, Mike speaks to a married couple, Chris and Chade as they recall their lifestyle and story that has brought them to this point.
7 Feb 37 min


In this episode, Mike elaborates on the importance of making choices especially relating to health.
31 Jan 27 min

Careline Trauma & Crisis Centre

In this episode, Mike sits down with Dan and Joey to speak about the wonderful work God has done in Dan's life before Careline came to be.
24 Jan 33 min


In this episode, Mike speaks to Andre Le Roux, a psychologist and councilor specializing in the topic of gambling.
17 Jan 37 min

Elmien Erasmus

In this episode, Mike is joined by Elmien Erasmus. A social worker with a ministry called Walking Alongside. She shares her story of deliverance by the hand of The Lord.
10 Jan 39 min

Deon's Testimony

In this episode, Mike speaks to Deon as he shares his testimony of a life of drugs and alcohol abuse. He reveals how he often he tried to stop until he finally surrendered to God.
6 Dec 2023 37 min

Alcoholism and Drug Addiction

In this episode Mike chats to Lynton Harrison regarding alcoholism and drug addiction. Is it merely a choice individuals make or is it a disease? Lets find out!
25 Nov 2023 40 min

Effects Of Smoking

In this episode we are joined by Dr. Les Naidoo who discusses the health implications smoking has on the body
15 Nov 2023 42 min

Juanita: Life of hardship

Juanita shares her testimony with Mike. We hear of how she struggled with alcohol addiction, depression, sexual abuse and even suicide
25 Oct 2023 37 min

Kirsty Vanzari and substance abuse

In this episode, Mike speaks to Kirsty Vanzari as she speaks about the struggles she faced regarding her identity growing up and how she turned to substance abuse to gain acceptance
13 Sep 2023 40 min

Mandy Matthews: Clinical psychologist

In this episode, Mike speaks to Mandy Matthews a clinical psychologist that has worked with eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia and binge eating for 20 years. Listen in as she educates us on these disorders affecting thousands of people out there.
6 Sep 2023 35 min

Collin: Alcohol Abuse

In this episode, Mike chats to Collin who discusses how the pressure of a high demand job led him to use alcohol as a coping mechanism which eventually led to abuse
30 Aug 2023 38 min

Merrick Moonsamy: Addiction

In this episode, Pastor Chris Meyer chats to Merrick Moonsamy. We learn of how Merrick struggled with drug abuse from an early age
16 Aug 2023 40 min
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