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Conversations that help you unlock nature's potential.

AECI Plant Health is a South African company within the AECI Group of Companies serving the agricultural sector with pride. AECI Plant Health has been an ally to farmers in Africa for many years, and with the move towards sustainable agriculture, AECI Plant Health with its NuWay® programme, and its extensive range of products and services, aims to work with farmers to preserve our natural resources, restore soil biology and address the need for producing nutritious food.

Agriculture worldwide is under pressure to reduce pesticide and fertilizer usage whilst increasing crop yields to feed a growing world population. There is now a move away from the total reliance on traditional chemicals and synthetic fertilizers towards a more responsible and sustainable approach of cultivating crops that protects the environment and its precious resources.

Our approach is to work hand in hand with the farmer to systematically address each point of influence in the growing of crops in a sustainable and responsible manner. Many of the tools and techniques simply unlock nature’s potential and the genetic potential of the crop.
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#04 Kunsmatige intelligensie in die Landbou | Jannie Willemse

Jannie Willemse, AECI Plant Health besigheids ontwikkelings bestuurder, praat oor kunsmatige intelligensie in die Landbou. Wat doen AECI Plant Health op hierdie gebied in die landbou. Die SupPlant sisteem praat met plante en bome om die water behoefte te bepaal.
9 Nov 2021 7 min

#03 Basics of plant nutrition

Plant nutrition 101 Guests: Linda Greyling Janno Koen Renette Harmse Jacques Swanepoel Jannie Willemse In this episode André Cilliers is discussing various aspects of plant nutrition with technical personnel of AECI plant health. What plants need to grow optimally and how one makes plants more resistant to biotic and abiotic…
13 Oct 2021 16 min

#02 Understanding Semiochemicals | Reshma Gayaram

Pheromone-mediated mating disruption In this episode Andre Cilliers, Marketing manager from AECI Plant Health, speaks to Reshma Gayaram, Product Portfolio manager about Semiochemicals and how this popular, eco-friendly method of control is used to modify insect behaviour and manipulate pest populations by means of molecular approaches. We also discuss what…
4 Oct 2021 12 min

#01 Khula! joins the AECI family: In conversation with Karidas Tshintsholo

Khula! is a technology company founded in late 2016 by Karidas Tshintsholo and Matthew Piper, the company was founded with the primary purpose of connecting emerging farmers directly with buyers in the formal market. Through their pilot, they discovered that problems in agriculture are interlinked and you cannot solve one…
19 Apr 2021 18 min