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Africa - 2 Oct 09

'Brainy Birds' - This week, we fly up into the sky to peer into the lives of some brainy birds. We discover how cuckoos manage to convince other bird species to bring up their young, and reveal how corvids are able to problem solve and use tools to get their food. Plus, we find out how the expanding field of biotechnology is helping to develop new drugs and disease treatments in South Africa.

Africa - 9 Oct 09

'Cancer Research' - This week we bring you the latest developments in cancer research to find out how beams of protons could be used to target individual cancer cells plus how stem cells can alter to form tumours in certain types of breast cancer. Plus we find out the top stories from the world of science and enter shark waters in Question of the week!

Africa - 16 Oct 09

'Global Science Round-up' - This week, we bring you the top stories from the world of science, including how insects splattered onto car windscreens are helping identify new species and how digital cameras could be improved to work in strange lighting conditions. We also hear how the internet boom in India is affecting its economy and it's residents. Plus, we reveal if it's possible to sit too close to the TV in Question of the week!

Africa - 23 Oct 09

'Exploring High Altitudes' - This week, we explore the challenges of climbing to high altitudes to see how the human body reacts to low oxygen. We also bring you the latest science news, as well as reveal new research that hopes to make insect pests simply slip away! Plus, we spy on spiders weaving their webs, in Question of the Week.

Africa - 30 Oct 09

'Diseases of the Brain' - This week, we probe into our brain to investigate neurological diseases such as Huntiington's and Alzheimers disease to see how understanding the genetics and immune responses of these diseases could help us treat them. We also find out how the sequencing of a fungal genome could protect the agricultural industry in South Africa. Plus, we try and get something out of eyes, in Question of the Week!

Africa - 6 Nov 09

'Science Update' - This week, we bring you the latest news from the world of science including the world's fastest camera and how higher heels make you a faster runner! We also discover the most distant object ever found and how the non-stick coating, PTFE, is bringing technological success to South Africa. Plus, we try to get a good signal, in question fo the week!

Africa - 13 Nov 09

'Looking into Fertility' - This week, we look into the latest developments in the field of fertility to see how scientists are trying to improve the conditions of in-vitro fertilisation, IVF. We also bring you the latest science news including how a babies cry depends on it's accent as well as reveal a new faster, cheaper way to sequence the human genome and discover how eating slowly may be better for your health. Plus, staying on the topic of fertility, we investigate how many children a sperm donor can father!

Africa - 20 Nov 09

'Creating our Universe' - This week we explore our universe to discover how our stars and planets were formed and how satellites out in space can help us monitor our environment here on earth. We also bring you the latest news including how the smell of old books can help to preserve them, and how deleting old memories makes room for new ones. Plus, keep an eye on the sky, in Question of the week!

Africa - 27 Nov 09

'The Science of our Food and Wine' - This week we look into our crops and agriculture to learn how scientists are improving farming methods to meet the food demands of the world's increasing population. We discover how monitoring plants with cameras and lasers can help us understand and improve them, plus how plants can be altered to survive in salty soils. We also learn how to pick the best grapes for making wine and in question fo the week we reveal the best way to serve it!

Africa - 11 Dec 09

'Hepatitis C' - This week we explore Hepatitis C to learn what this virus is, and how it attacks our body as well as look into the effects it has on our body and the current treatments available. We also bring you the latest news from the world of science and learn how to reproduce seedless fruit, in Question of the week!

Africa - 18 Dec 09

'The Flu' - This week we peer down into the 'flu virus to find out how this virus is becoming resistant to the drugs we use to fight it, and how 'protecting' viruses can be used to attack it instead. We also investigate how 'flu vaccines work to give us protection to fight off an infection before it takes hold. Plus, we bring you the latest science news and discover the consequences of tasering an elephant in Question of the Week!

Africa - 8 Jan 10

'Clean Blood and Malaria' - In this new series of the Naked Scientists in Africa, we bring you the latest science news from south Africa including the latest developments from the MeerKAT radio telescope project and how tobacco plants are being used to create rabies vaccines. We also bring you an insight into how blood used for transfusions is kept clean in and free of viruses and infection, as well as reveal a new finding about how the Malaria parasite attacks our bodies!

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