Jane Linley-Thomas

If Jane Linley-Thomas were to appear in the dictionary, you’d find the following words next to her name: high-energy, passion, inspirational and exuberance. This channel features some of the content from Jane's radio shows.
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Jane and Daryl Ilbury's special tribute to JvB

As a 6-year-old child I used to listen to East Coast Radio on the way to school every morning and hearing JVB and former Breakfast Show host Daryl Ilbury, I can remember the seed of intention silently being sown. I was so taken by the connection, imagination play and immediacy…
10 Jun 2019 18 min

Revealed! Jane's family has a weird tradition

Whether it be random pillow fights or talking in strange voices, every family has a weird side to them. In this edition of Jane's World, Jane has shared a tradition that her family has.
4 Feb 2019 1 min

Nambitha Ben-Mazwi on her new role on e.TV's 'Scandal!'

Straight-off the set of SABC legal drama series, Nambitha, South Africa’s leading lady, announces her new role as she crosses over from a fearless, bold attorney on Diamond City, to a sultry host of a secret gentlemen’s club on Scandal! and we cannot wait for her to create absolute mayhem…
25 Jan 2019 1 min

KZN Midlands teen recalls terrifying kidnapping attempt

It's every mother's worst nightmare, and unfortunately, it came through for a mother in the Hilton area, outside 'Maritzburg. But thankfully there was a happy ending to this story. Jane recently came across a harrowing post from a Hilton group on Facebook from a mother detailing how she almost lost…
24 Jan 2019 6 min

Banned! 3 things Jane won't allow in her home

Wet dogs, opening an umbrella indoors, or walking with shoes – every home has its rules. Today, Jane Linley-Thomas wanted to know: "What's the one thing that's not allowed in your house?" KZN shared their views with Jane.
21 Jan 2019 3 min

Woman who suffers from MG thrilled for her new lease on life

Megan was diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis at 15-years-old and has been battling this disease with a smile. A crowdfunding page has been started in her name, and over R250,000 was raised for her to have a life-saving treatment. She contacted Jane to share her thanks to all who pledged.
10 Dec 2018 1 min

A real life mermaid emerges!

Whilst broadcasting from Umhlanga main beach in Durban, Jane Linley-Thomas spotted a mermaid on shore! It turns out that Thalia, The Mermaid as she is known is South Africa's first professional Mermaid. East Coasters were amazed by the sighting of Thalia as they all made their way to witness her…
7 Dec 2018 2 min

The 'happy' school who's also a beneficiary of #ECRToyStory18

Toy Story Corporate Day is a day synonymous with large scale giving in KwaZulu-Natal. Big businesses and celebrities will rally together on Friday 07 December to raise funds for underprivileged children in KZN as part of East Coast Radio Toy Story, in partnership with Toys R Us & Babies R…
6 Dec 2018 2 min

Jane confesses her childhood secrets

In Jane's World, it was a real Confession Session. Jane Linley-Thomas asked listeners: 'What's the one lie you told your parents growing up?' - and the responses are hilarious.
6 Dec 2018 4 min

EXCLUSIVE: 'My son got addicted to heroin without realising it'

In an exclusive interview with Jane, a mother from the Upper Highway area has candidly spoken up about how her son got addicted to heroin unknowingly, and how he went from being someone she loved to someone completely different. He was a 15-year-old boy from an ordinary home in the…
2 Dec 2018 36 min

Annoying work email phrases

While emails are considered an effective means of communication in the office, sometimes the 'professional' phrases used can have alternative meanings. While emails, like other forms of communication, are quick to send, it gets pretty difficult to read a sender's tone in an email - no matter how hard you…
27 Nov 2018 3 min

Should restaurants deny serving people who are obese?

Obesity is a problem around the world and even more of an issue here in South Africa. According to Health24, the South African Demographic and Health Survey found that almost 70% of South African women are overweight or obese and the number is 13% for that of South African children…
20 Nov 2018 4 min

Kyle Deutsch on 'Summer Love'

KZN's very own Kyle Deutsch joined Jane-Linley Thomas on East Coast Radio on Friday afternoon for a Jam session in studio. Kyle is most known for his collaboration with fellow Durbanite, Shekinah on their smash hit: Back To The Beach which was released in 2015. Listen as Kyle shares with…
16 Nov 2018 5 min
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