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Can Humza Yousaf unite the SNP? – Politics Weekly UK

Humza Yousaf has become new leader of the SNP. But with Scotland’s path to independence looking further away than ever, can Nicola Sturgeon’s replacement reignite the party and the debate? The Guardian’s John Harris is joined by Scotland correspondent Libby Brooks, columnist Gaby Hinsliff and former Downing Street chief of…
30 Mar 36 min

The Boris Inquisition – Politics Weekly UK

With the former prime minister having been questioned by MPs on the privileges select committee, the Guardian’s John Harris is joined by political editor Pippa Crerar to discuss Johnson’s fight to save his career, and speaks to those who worked on the frontline of the pandemic. Help support our independent…
23 Mar 47 min

The Budget: Hunting for growth? – Politics Weekly UK

Jeremy Hunt has set out his first budget as chancellor. With plans to boost childcare and help people get back to work, can it provide the much-needed growth the economy needs? The Guardian’s John Harris is joined by former Conservative minister David Gauke and Miatta Fahnbulleh from the New Economics…
16 Mar 37 min

Small boats and big promises – Politics Weekly UK

Another plan has been announced to crack down on so-called small boats arriving illegally in the UK. The Guardian’s John Harris speaks to immigration specialist Zoe Gardner and former Conservative special advisor Luke Tryl, and discusses the history of immigration rhetoric with Guardian political editor Pippa Crerar. Help support our…
9 Mar 37 min

Is this the end of the Tories’ Brexit wars? Politics Weekly UK

After years of tensions, Rishi Sunak and Ursula von der Leyen this week unveiled their new Brexit deal to virtually universal praise. But is there a catch? The Guardian’s John Harris is joined by Brexit correspondent Lisa O’Carroll, columnist Rafael Behr and former No 10 chief of staff and Conservative…
2 Mar 37 min

How the war in Ukraine changed the world – Politics Weekly UK

This week marks one year since Russia sent its troops into Ukraine. The Guardian’s John Harris is joined by defence and security editor, Dan Sabbagh, and the Ukrainian MP, Kira Rudik, to look at how the war has changed world politics. And, what the future may look like for Ukraine…
23 Feb 37 min

Will the reshuffle save Sunak? Politics Weekly UK

Rishi Sunak has carried out a reshuffle of his ministers and departments in Whitehall. But will it be enough to save his party from electoral wipeout at the next election? To discuss is the Guardian’s Gaby Hinsliff, standing in for John Harris, who is joined by political editor Pippa Crerar…
9 Feb 34 min

Does Britain really regret Brexit? – Politics Weekly UK

It’s been three years since the UK officially left the EU. This week the IMF has predicted we will be the only major global economy to shrink this year. Plus opinion polls suggest people are regretting their vote. The Guardian’s John Harris is joined by columnist Rafael Behr, Brexit correspondent…
2 Feb 38 min

Why can’t Sunak clean up the Conservatives? – Politics Weekly UK

Rishi Sunak came into No 10 promising to earn our trust. But three months into the job he encounters an inquiry into his party chair, questions over Boris Johnson’s appointment for the BBC chair, and a police penalty for failing to wear his seatbelt. The Guardian’s John Harris is joined…
26 Jan 35 min

The power of the union? Politics Weekly UK

John Harris joins nurses striking on the picket line to find out what life is really like for them. He speaks to Christina McAnea, the head of the union Unison, to find out what it is like negotiating with Conservative ministers. Plus, John is joined by the Guardian’s political editor,…
19 Jan 45 min

Why has the NHS collapsed? – Politics Weekly UK podcast

Health officials are reporting that the NHS is on its knees. John Harris talks to the Guardian’s health policy editor, Denis Campbell, about what he has seen. Plus, Conservative peer Gavin Barwell and Gaby Hinsliff talk about why NHS reform is such a tricky conversation. Help support our independent journalism…
12 Jan 35 min

How will 2022 be remembered? – Politics Weekly UK podcast

In a year that saw three prime ministers, two monarchs and a whole lot of political and social unrest, how will 2022 be remembered? The Guardian’s John Harris looks back on the last 12 months, and asks what might happen in the next, with columnist Gaby Hinsliff and political editor…
22 Dec 2022 49 min

How can Rishi Sunak hold the Tories together? – Politics Weekly UK

Faced with a country brought almost to a standstill by strikes, a cost of living crisis, and an increasingly desperate situation in the channel, just what should the Conservative Party be doing to get a grip on the situation? The Guardian’s John Harris is joined by the Conservative peer and…
15 Dec 2022 34 min

What would a Labour government feel like? – Politics Weekly UK

Twenty points ahead in the polls, the Labour party looks closer to power now than it has done for more than a decade. But what do we really know about Keir Starmer’s vision for government? And how much has the UK’s political landscape changed since the 1997 Labour landslide? The…
8 Dec 2022 35 min

Strikes hit ‘strongman’ Sunak – Politics Weekly UK

Nurses, rail staff and royal mail workers are expected to strike this winter. Will Rishi Sunak’s ‘Operation Get Tough’ have any impact? And as protests continue to rage in China, the PM used the lavish Lord Mayor’s Banquet earlier this week to announce the ‘golden era’ of relations with China…
1 Dec 2022 35 min

Are public services beyond breaking point? – Politics Weekly UK

The Guardian’s John Harris is in the West Midlands to talk to teachers, librarians and the local council about how more than a decade’s worth of real terms cuts is taking its toll on services. Help support our independent journalism at
24 Nov 2022 33 min

The autumn statement – Politics Weekly UK

The chancellor, Jeremy Hunt, has given details in his autumn statement of how the government will try to help struggling households, businesses and public services. But after 12 years in power and with the UK now in recession, can the Conservatives convince people they are the right party to turn…
17 Nov 2022 32 min

Autumn statement 2022 trailer – Politics Weekly UK

The chancellor, Jeremy Hunt, is to deliver the autumn statement later on Thursday. The Guardian’s John Harris will be joined after by political editor Pippa Crerar and columnist Rafael Behr to unpick the government’s plan.. Help support our independent journalism at
16 Nov 2022 1 min
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