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Why scratch your head if you don't know the answer? What about the Earth made the dinosaurs so big? Why does the Universe spin? Is the Sun seem brighter in the morning than the evening? Are autistic people particularly at home with computers? Why do effervescent tablets fizz only in water? Why do Parkinson's patients sleepwalk without difficulty? Plus, news of a decoy molecule that can treat dwarfism and what earwax has revealed about blue whales...

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Can I catch germs from a cockroach?

Can I catch germs from cockroaches? How does the shape of the ear tell you where something is? If the Universe is expanding, is it being pushed or pulled? Is rain water better for crops than irrigation? What's the difference between macro and micro evolution? Do men enjoy spice more than women?

Can we create blood in the lab?

How do we tell where a sound is coming from? Why does wine taste differently after many years? Why can't we manufacture blood? Why was Pluto downgraded? Plus, a new blood test for cancer.

What is spooky action at a distance?

How do mosquitoes find you in the dark? How do muons reach the earth? Do long-term partners end up looking alike? What is spooky action at a distance? Why do things go black when they're burnt? Why can I hear rain all the time? Plus, redefining the kilogram.

What causes double rainbows?

What is deja vu? Why do certain magnets attract? Why do tea stains form in a ring? Can you scientifically work out someone's date of birth? How does mercury and lead stay in your body? Do mermaids exist? Do helium balloons defy gravity? What causes a double rainbows? Why does oxidised cholesterol cause heart attacks? Plus the life saving backpack for bees!

Can phantom limb pain be treated?

Can overhead electrical cables interfere with radio signals? Are diesel and petrol made differently? What is a vasectomy? Can phantom limb pain be treated? Are memories passed on through your genes? How much water does it take to boil an egg? Can surgery fix collapsed vertebrae? Is a woman genetically related to her child who was concieved with a donor egg? Plus, scientists help people potentially paralysed with spinal chord injury to walk again.

Why do we need sleep?

Why do we need sleep? How do tides work? Could aliens already be here that we simply can't detect? Plus, how being bird-brained isn't such a bad thing.

Can humans slow down time?

How do scientists calculate the mass and velocity of planets? Why does time slow down during accidents? Is table salt bad for us? Why do cockroaches end up on their backs when they die? Will other primates become human? Plus, a lumpy Earth!

How did life begin on earth?

Is our galaxy moving around? How did life begin? Why do my feet only sometimes sweat? How do you explain the big bang? Why do people think the moon landing was faked? Where does foam on the sea come from? Plus, the Nobel prizes!

How can smoking marijuana affect your health?

How do we know the earth is round? Why do some people make noises during sex? Why do crabs move sideways? Why are some parts of the sea violent with lots of waves, whereas others aren't? How can smoking marijuana affect your health? How can some female bees reproduce without males? What causes motion sickness? And why do some females grow facial hair? Plus, scientists in Australia have uncovered evidence of the earliest animal...

How dangerous are shisha pipes?

Does Mars have layers like Earth? Is shisha dangerous? Why does cold water make my toothache worse, but cold beer doesn't? Does cleaning vegetables with baking powder work? Do any two humans have the same fingerprint? Why do I sleep talk?

What makes strange quarks strange?

What is so strange about a strange quark? Why do I sweat when I'm eating food? Why don't things weigh more on Everest? Why does my speedometer in my car and app show different things? How does a heat shield work? How does alcohol affect people of different sizes? Plus - rain in the Sahara!

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