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Why scratch your head if you don't know the answer? What about the Earth made the dinosaurs so big? Why does the Universe spin? Is the Sun seem brighter in the morning than the evening? Are autistic people particularly at home with computers? Why do effervescent tablets fizz only in water? Why do Parkinson's patients sleepwalk without difficulty? Plus, news of a decoy molecule that can treat dwarfism and what earwax has revealed about blue whales...

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What is the Universe expanding into?

Can I donate an organ if it was already donated to me? Why do I sweat asymmetrically? What's the difference between a sea and an ocean? What is the Universe expanding into? Plus, a new trial spells hope for curing macular degeneration.

Are other animals conscious?

Can we treat eczema? Why can sour things taste before you eat them? Do testosterone levels spike during sex? Why didn't any other primates evolve high-intelligence? What is the difference between consciousness and intelligence? Plus, a farewell to Stephen Hawking.

What wakes me up without my alarm?

How do our bodies digest all the different things inside us. What is a phantom pregnancy? Why do men get middle-age spread? How do I wake up without an alarm clock? When did white skin first evolve? Plus, a message in a bottle.

How do planes stay in the air?

How does a plane take off and fly without falling? Why are feathers more colourful that fur? Why don't teeth grow back? How do male seahorses carry babies? Plus, using mini organs to test cancer therapies.

How does GPS work?

Can you change the pH of your blood? How does GPS work? What causes nosebleeds? Why do we find falling funny? Plus, the smallest geneome sequencer to date.

How can I remove salt from seawater?

How can I remove salt from my water? Why does bread go soft inside plastic bags? Will my ginger beer explode? Why does hose spray come out slower under water? Why do I jolt awake sometimes when I sleep? Plus...cutting whiskers off mice.

Why do we find puppies cute?

What causes night cramps? Why is there a delay in audio and not video? How does a tortoise control its temperature? Does your heart stop when you sneeze? How deep is the ocean? Why do we go thirsty? Why do we find puppies cute? Plus, China successfully clones monkeys.

How do blind people dream?

My wife and I eat the same food but our farts smell differently - why? Can people who are born blind dream? Why are bricks the shape of bricks? How do I explain infinity? Why do astronauts grow in space?

Do elephants get cancer?

Is it true that elephants don't get cancer? Can science tell us how to be safe from tornadoes? Where does the rubber from tires end up? Why are tardigrades so amazing? How are sausage dogs so long? Does body size affect the perception of time?

What would happen to someone born on Mars?

Why does the sound a kettle makes change as it boils? Does a hot drink cool you down more than a cold drink? How does rice remove water from a mobile phone? What would happen to someone born on Mars? Why can't you hear accents in singers? Plus, how pollution affects birth weight.See more at

Why is lightning jagged?

Is the brain at birth empty? Why is farting funny? Does raw garlic cause stomach cancer? Why is lightning jagged? Can you fold the Universe? Is space dark? What is the difference between dementia and Alzheimer's?

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