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384 episodes | Metro FM |  Podcast, ±15 min episode every day
A mid-morning which is not your average mid-morning show, anchored by the award winning Bonang, technical producer Naked DJ and producer JJ keeps South Africa entertained with their highly interactive and upbeat daily show. The show is filled with a mixture of METRO FM’s signature music sounds, listener music selection, Naked DJ mixes and JJ’s witty comments during the popular ‘ask a man’ feature which affords ladies the opportunity to ask men any question they want and seek advice. With a daily themed show, Money Mondays, fashion lifestyle Tuesdays, celebrity Wednesdays, urban Africa Thursdays and Travel Fridays, the show doesn’t offer the listener an opportunity to take a break with exciting, fun, witty interactions, daily listener music selections and high social media interaction – this show puts the listener on the front row of everything they need.


31 episodes | Touch Central |  Podcast, ±42 min episode every day
For those who work, live and play the night shift, get ready for a little company. #MyNightShift is a brand new show on Touch Central weekdays between 6 and 8pm, hosted by some of SA’s biggest names. Join hosts Tol A$$ Mo, Nomzamo Mbatha and Tim Modise as each of them salute a different night shift throughout the week through a series of interesting interviews, trending topic discussions, the latest music and much more.


3 episodes | |  Podcast, ±56 min episode every 4 days
An hour-long conversation hosted by Siya Beyile with influential guests ranging from all professions. The conversations focus on the influence and progressive change the person is making in their respective field. Expect to hear from guests who inspire and motivate young people.


19 episodes | 5FM |  Podcast, ±40 min episode every 3 weeks, 3 days
YB5 is an integral part of 5FM’s structure and has been part of the station for more than ten years. YB5 gives 5FM and its’ audience a heart using the biggest national youth platform in South Africa. The concept has grown and developed over several years and in 2015, YB5 will amplify the traditional charity angle that 5FM has promoted. YB5 will take the platform and expand it into a three tiered approach that creates three very specific areas of focus. These will be; charitable causes, education and employment.