21 episodes | CliffCentral.com |  Podcast, ±54 min episode every 6 days
It's not a colour, it's a lifestyle. All things men and all things unspoken. We talk about lifestyle the way South Africans should celebrate it. After many years of living in our Man Cave, a lion no longer even believes it is a lion, a man no longer believes he is a man. Expect life stories, fun, anger, tears, and maybe some gadgets and crazy reviews of what makes a man tick.

My Choice - Keith Carter

9 episodes | Radio KC |  Podcast, ±7 min episode every 1 week
Known for his entrepreneurial skills, Radio KC is home again for Keith Carter taking you through lunchtime , 1-3pm, with a mixed masala of your favourite classics from yes ter year. You request it, he play it with conversation and topics complimenting a 2hour musical journey. On Fridays, Keith add some humour to the mix with Josh, our resident entertainer

Breakfast Show - Armstar

11 episodes | Radio KC |  Podcast, ±11 min episode every 5 days
Waking up can be tough, but not on the Official Breakfast Show with Armstar Mhlekude, Mondays-Fridays 6-9am. This show offer a compelling blend of information and entertainment, delivering all of the day’s top stories, listener interaction via phone, sms and social networks with wit and personality. Benchmark Features include Hello Doctor, Supercharge your destiny, Voices from the community, Can you make it where you come from and Guess who is coming for breakfast, draw from a cast of trusted experts on relatable topics.