260 episodes | Old Mutual Live |  Podcast, ±12 min episode every day
Running rules your life so make this your new home. This is Old Mutual   Starting off with the Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon, through to the Comrades and beyond - whether it's on the tarmac or on the trails you can get all the running news and info - from our team of experts - LIVE or on-demand. Exclusive broadcasts, podcasts and web series make Old Mutual LIVE your perfect running partner. And because we know that your interests are wide ranging - keep checking back for Old Mutual LIVE Cycling and Old Mutual LIVE Trophy Wine Show.  Great things start here! Great things start now.

Crossroads Asia

5001 episodes | Voice of America |  Podcast, ±18 min episode every 9 hours
Crossroads - East Asia offers unique stories and perspectives -- with in-depth interviews, and analysis. For news and information about what matters most to listeners in East Asia, join Host Sarah Williams week nights for a complete wrap-up of the latest news from China, South Korea, Japan and other important states in this key corner of the world.

Daybreak Asia

2078 episodes | Voice of America |  Podcast, ±17 min episode every 23 hours
Daybreak - East Asia is a 30-minute news and interview programme, that brings East Asian listeners an informative start to their day. Join Host Les Carpenter and the Daybreak team for perspectives from China, Vietnam, South Korea and other Pacific Rim nations that you won't hear anywhere else. It's a great way to start your day.

The Great Escape

34 episodes | Metro FM |  Podcast, ±17 min episode every 1 week, 2 days
Lunch is served on a silver platter with Amon and Pearl Modiadie, served with all the ingredients on the menu and leaves you asking for seconds and thirds. The show has a fresh injection of fabulousness in Pearl Modiadie who brings a new approach and vibe to the show with a street smart yet elegant young lady who appeals to both male and female market. With features that are set to keep the listeners engaged yet connected whether in the office, in traffic, out of school or just pure listening pleasure the show will make you listen up. Throw in some sports from new sports girl Mpho Maboi to keep all sports fans updated throughout the day and you have a lunch meal that one can’t resist. The show also offers mixes that will keep your feet tapping to the beat. Nothing more says lunch time than The Great Escape.