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Martin Bester Drive

102 episodes | Jacaranda FM |  Podcast, ±3 min episode every 11 hours  Follow channel
The 'Martin Bester Drive' show weekdays from 16h00 to 19h00 on Jacaranda FM, taking hundreds of thousands of loyal listeners home with a smile each day. There is no task too big, and no challenge left unanswered when it comes to the MBD style, thanks to the diversity of the team, you are bound to find a common factor with one of them.

CliffCentral Conversations

23 episodes | CliffCentral.com |  Podcast, ±2 hr 56 min episode every day  Follow channel
While having some of the most well-known broadcasters, personalities and experts in the CliffCentral.com stable, the aim was to also encompass ordinary people who may never have had an opportunity before to showcase their talents or even just share their areas of interest. To this end, auditions were held for the launch of CliffCentral.com – some 800 live auditions were held during the first three weeks of May yielding amazing results. A wide variety of personalities and topics were aired daily, with people lining up to audition from 6am every morning – all powered by Berocca Boost Liquid Energy! While some of the auditionees were already well-known people and have been given their own hourly shows, we have created a daily three-hour show to incorporate the best of the general auditions. Young up-and-coming broadcaster Arye Kellman will be hosting “CliffCentral Conversations” every weekday afternoon from 15.00 – 18.00 with rolling guests (successful auditionees) bringing their particular flavor and engaging with the wider audience with live phonecalls, social media and WeChat messaging. The range of conversations include sport, finance, legal, beauty, fashion, “The Stars” – astrology…as well as “The Stars” – celebrity gossip!; technology, gaming, youth panels, education, entrepreneurship, health and fitness, love and relationships, social media, inspirational stories, television, movies, lifestyle related topics…everything that is relevant to our audience. There will also be a slot for ongoing auditions so the door remains open to join in. Some of the applicants who are potential talk show hosts will be developed by co-hosting some of the shows in preparation for weekend programming on CliffCentral.com