TG Squared

19 episodes | |  Podcast, ±52 min episode every 6 days
The show is about anything and everything around the entertainment sphere of the universe. Its name derives from its co-hosts comedian Trevor Gumbi and journalist Gabi “The Gabi” Mbele and aims to round up the weekend for those who snoozed, but give a fresh twist to what is known as Blue Mondays. With a slogan, “Make Mondays Your Bitch”, the show also gives you the power to take back your Mondays, dispelling the myth that Mondays are bad days. The fusion of a comedian and journalist brings fresher analysis to the entertainment news, making what may be deemed as a celebrity/personality issue more human and relatable for all.

Not the 9 Sport

36 episodes | |  Podcast, ±53 min episode every 3 days
Ready, set… sport! Delivering more than just stats and box scores, this show serves up sports talk like no other. Hosted by presenter Tony Ndoro and friends, the show includes passionate opinions and in-depth coverage from seasoned professionals, breaking news and insightful commentary from experts, interviews and access to big-name guests (players, coaches and analysts) as well as lively discussions and multi-platform interactions with enthusiastic listeners.