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Planting the seeds

196 EPISODES |  Podcast, ±6 min episode every 532 weeks, 3 days
Planting the Seeds is SAfm’s insert on agricultural matters. Hosted by Asanda Matsaunyane, the feature discusses issues that are of interest in the fields of agricultural production, policies, and practices, as well other sectors linked to the agriculture, fisheries, forestries, and land spaces. The show has a specific focus on the South African context, encompassing an information gathering and sharing objective. Planting the seeds airs Monday to Friday, at 5am.

Facts of Faith

43 EPISODES |  Podcast, ±49 min episode every 1 week, 5 days
Facts of Faith is a platform for religious and faith communities to have a say in social, political, cultural, sexual and general issues. Facts of Faith affords the country and the general SAfm audience's the benefit of hearing what faith communities have to say about the issues of the day. This show runs for an hour and is designed to be punchy and pacey focusing only facts. Facts of Faith is hosted by award winning Journalist Naye Lupondwana. Facts of Faith is scheduled to air every Sunday from 10:00 to 11:00.

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