Veritas Wealth

Where your life and your money meet

Truth, choices, understanding and discipline
Veritas Wealth is an independent financial planning company focused on managing wealth. We assist people who want to take responsibility for their lifestyle but don’t have the time, knowledge or inclination to manage their own financial affairs.

Independent Advice
We are not affiliated with any financial product or company, and we do not benefit from selling any specific product. Our advice is purely based on knowledge and hard earned insight that we have gained through years of experience and our commitment to remain at the cutting edge of financial planning best practice.

Our Approach
At Veritas we believe it is best to adopt a comprehensive approach to financial planning. Our holistic approach ensures that we take into account all the facts and consider the environment as a whole (as opposed to a piecemeal approach that involves isolated investment decisions).

Our Core Values
At Veritas we will always honour our values: integrity, prudence and delivery. In a field where there are so many unknowns, people will always be able to rely on our word.