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Voice of America

The Voice of America (VOA) is a dynamic international multimedia broadcaster with service in 44 languages. Serving an estimated weekly global audience of 123 million, VOA provides news, information, and cultural programming through the Internet, mobile and social media, radio, and television. VOA is funded by the U.S. Government through the Broadcasting Board of Governors.
United States
29 Podcast shows
12 – 29


Breaking news, discussion, African music, sport and health information.
14 Sep 2021 701 episodes English News

Middle East

Middle East news from the Voice of America. Coverage of Turkey, Iran, Syria, Bahrain, and Egypt.
14 Sep 2021 244 episodes English News

Arts & Culture

The latest news about movies, theater, music and art.
13 Sep 2021 292 episodes English Society & Culture · Performing Arts

Night line Africa

This news magazine show features correspondent reports, interviews, analysis, music, and cultural segments [60 minutes]
12 Sep 2021 19 episodes English News


Recent stories about U.S. immigration policies, enforcement, and the people who come to the U.S. as workers, students and refugees.
8 Sep 2021 38 episodes English News · Government

Extremism Watch

VOA's Extremism Watch desk monitors news related to extremism around the world.
8 Sep 2021 140 episodes English News

East Asia Pacific

Asia coverage from the Voice of America. VOA covers the world including China, Vietnam and South Korea.
4 Sep 2021 279 episodes English News · Society & Culture

Our Voices

Welcome to “Our Voices”. This is where African women bring the continent’s most pressing issues to the table. We’ll ask questions, share ideas, discuss solutions, and most importantly, bring your voices - Our Voices - to the conversation. We’re bringing women’s voices to the conversation and, more than that, we’re…
2 Sep 2021 106 episodes English Society & Culture

Border Crossings TV

Border Crossings is the Voice of Americas perennial music program on the air since 1996. Border Crossings made its TV debut in 2012 and continues to attract viewers around the world. Some of the biggest names in music such as Taylor Swift, Tim McGraw, Adele, Katy Perry, Enrique Iglesias, Lady…
2 Sep 2021 66 episodes English Society & Culture · Performing Arts

Student Union

News for Students and Youth Worldwide
30 Aug 2021 93 episodes English Education · Technology

The Americas

News coverage of North America and Latin America from the Voice of America.
29 Aug 2021 96 episodes English News

Africa 54

If you want to know what’s trending in news, health, sports and lifestyle, then tune in to Africa 54. Airing Monday through Friday, this 30-minute program takes a closer look at the stories Africans are talking about, with reports from VOA correspondents, and interviews with top experts and analysts. Africa…
4 Aug 2021 36 episodes English News

Plugged in with Greta Van Susteren

Plugged in with Greta Van Susteren examines various aspects of United States policy by interviewing policy makers and having discussions with opinion shapers. After hosting news programs for CNN, Fox News and MSNBC, Greta Van Susteren brings her interviewing skills and curiosity to VOA for a weekly 30 minute dive…
2 Jun 2021 75 episodes English News

Straight Talk Africa

Join us every Wednesday as Shaka and his guests discuss topics of special interest to Africans, including politics, economic development, press freedom, health, social issues and conflict resolution. Broadcast Schedule Straight Talk Africa is broadcast live every Wednesday from 1830-1930 UTC/GMT simultaneously on radio, television and the Internet. Join the…
28 Oct 2020 15 episodes English News · Society & Culture

People In America

Artists. Public servants. Scientists. Immigrants. Innovators. Celebrities. “People in America” (PIA) profiles their amazing stories and showcases the diversity and individuality of American people. The series allows you to experience their journey through their voice. It captures the visual, sounds and textures that celebrate who they are and what they…
21 Feb 2020 18 episodes English Society & Culture

American Cafe

Join us at the American Cafe on the Voice of America. Every weekend, host David Byrd introduces you to stories from and about the United States of America - whether it's a topic making headlines, a discussion of new trends, or just sharing a slice of life as it's lived…
2 Apr 2019 6PM 1 episodes English Society & Culture
12 – 29