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© Africa Business Radio  Africa Business Radio, towards a profitable Africa. ABR is a multi platforms digital radio combining the power of the traditional online with mobile and social media to reach a wider community of businesses, corporate organisations, platform, entrepreneurs, institutional elders, venture capitalist, investors that have an interest in Africa business venture, we cater to the corporate, business, industry sector, investors, venture capitalist, investment owner, entrepreneurs and aspiring moguls. Our readers and listeners would therefore fall into a broad spectrum in terms of demographics considering that a fair portion of our content is aimed at helping businesses expand into Africa and profitable in their African Ventures/agenda.

The Property Show

23 episodes |  Podcast, ±1 hour episode every 1 week, 4 days
Tuesday 19:00hr CAT Introducing the Show-Property Show • To educate All South Africans about property and property related services • The program is aimed at educating Africa from the ages of 16 Years and above • We believe that in order to became a master property investor for a long lasting property ownership • you need to understand all property related services

Brands Of Africa

17 episodes |  Podcast, ±58 min episode every 1 week
The Objective of the show is to look at brands who have successfully evolved within branding their strategies and came up with innovative ways to brand their organisations. We will look at Sustainability in Branding, Family originated brands, content media& social media marketing, logos and all the other important branding elements that make their brands a success and ultimate contribute to the company bottom line.

The Business of Entertainment

26 episodes |  Podcast, ±1 hr 09 min episode every 1 week, 4 days
The Business of Entertainment is a show that puts a spotlight on Africa’s rapidly growing entertainment industry. From television and film production to music and management, the show aims to educate and inspire young African’s on the business side of entertainment and rally for the right structures and models to be implemented in order for Africa to fully realize the potential of this highly influential sector. The show will highlight the biggest moves made in the industry, review African and International content relevant to Africa and will feature interviews with the greatest minds behind the industry. The creator and host of the show, Mudzithe Phiri is the founder and CEO of Isio Africa, a brand and business development agency. Mudzithe is also a TV and radio presenter so is fully imbedded into Africa’s entertainment scene. Social media Twitter @MudzithePhiri Instagram @Dzithe Facebook @DzithePhiri

The Melting Pot

48 episodes |  Podcast, ±1 hr 18 min episode every 4 days
The Melting Pot is a business show that touches on the everyday man on the street from Johannesburg, to Nairobi all the way to Accra and Abuja. The heart of the melting pot is in bringing the issues to the fore - whether it is entrepreneurial matters, business news across the continent or profile fascinating people, game changers, doing incredible things in their communities, this show brings it all together! The Melting Pot show, Monday to Friday 15:00hr to 17:00hr CAT.

The Agenda

3 episodes |  Podcast, ±1 hr 02 min episode every 5 days
The AGENDA will be an insightful, thought provoking, probing and informative Pan African talk show focused on education in the African continent. The aim is to drive conversation around Investment, Infrastructure and Policy reflecting truthfully on the current state of affairs of Education. The show seeks to pioneer, connect and strengthen innovative thinking that address the “business of education” in the continent. It will also examine the relevance of the current curriculum and the tech side of education.