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© Africa Business Radio Africa Business Radio, towards a profitable Africa. ABR is a multi platforms digital radio combining the power of the traditional online with mobile and social media to reach a wider community of businesses, corporate organisations, platform, entrepreneurs, institutional elders, venture capitalist, investors that have an interest in Africa business venture, we cater to the corporate, business, industry sector, investors, venture capitalist, investment owner, entrepreneurs and aspiring moguls. Our readers and listeners would therefore fall into a broad spectrum in terms of demographics considering that a fair portion of our content is aimed at helping businesses expand into Africa and profitable in their African Ventures/agenda.

Business Drive

1 EPISODES |  Podcast
We facilitate and drive business conversations that will have a positive impact on the entrepreneurship ecosystem. We are bringing you a safe space for entrepreneurs.
Hosted by Nolly Qunta, she is the co-founder of Konnect House (Pty) Ltd, she also host WeTalk, which is a Pan-African twitter platform where entrepreneurs, leading industry experts share knowledge about business and succeeding as an entrepreneur. WeTalk collaborates with some of South Africa’s successful entrepreneurs such as Derrick Ndzavi, Idris Sultan, Carol Ndosi, Siya Beyile, Zimasa Lupuwana, Tebello Motsoana, Brian Wedsely, Jodene Shaer, Adriaan Groenewald, Jason Gordon, Adel Meyer and many more. In her own words, this is what Nolly says about herself:

‘I would like to believe that I was born an entrepreneur, however, it took me a great couple of years before I saw the need to start my very own business. I recall finding myself in a place where I did not know who to talk to, or where to go in order to network with like-minded people-entrepreneurs. Therefore, I realized something was missing-a network or community of entrepreneurs where founders of start-ups could be informed about the pros and cons about running a business’, says the co-founder of Konnect House.

EC Africa 100

6 EPISODES |  Podcast, ±13 min episode every day
In a bold move inspired by a collective vision to change the African narrative, #ECAfrica100 which launched at the end of 2018 kick-starts a journey to profile100 Entrepreneurs within 100 days with a formidable partnership with Africa Business Radio.
Demonstrating the power of collaboration, Africa Business Radio is throwing its weight to support a new Pan African Entrepreneurship movement; Entrepreneur Connect Africa is a movement determined to scale and profile African Entrepreneurship across multisector, driving collaborations among entrepreneurs across several countries in Africa.
This partnership with JT Communication Solutions paves the way for a new and highly relevant narrative on how African Entrepreneurs are creating sustainable business models impacting economies, stimulating job creation and offering social impact solutions.

Big Shot

19 EPISODES |  Podcast, ±41 min episode every 6 weeks
The show invites African celebrities/ influencers who venture beyond what they are famously known for. We find out the motives behind their business ventures, challenges faced and success stories. The show aims to inspire and motivate the young and those who are in their respective industries to stretch their talent(s) further.

Being rich and famous isn’t quite enough, there are passion and hunger that keeps one going.

In Segment 1, we get to know the celebrity/influencer background- get to know who they are on and off the stage or screen.

It gets more interesting in Segment 2 known as ‘The Formula’- Celebrities/Influencers gist the audience on why they went into business, how they did it, how they stay relevant and stay above competitors.

In segment 3, celebrities, influencers not only leave words of encouragement and provide the secret to being a groundbreaker in the industry but also fill us in on what other or new grounds they planning to break as an entrepreneur.

Tout Afro, Tout Business

15 EPISODES |  Podcast, ±49 min episode every 2 weeks
Africa is home to numerous beauties, talents and wonders centuries old and encapsulating a divine heritage and history in its landscape. Journeying through the continents cardinal points immerses you in its majestic wonder. In the new “Tout Afro, Tout Business” francophone show, five-time awards-winning Media Entrepreneur Vénicia Guinot follows the trail of Pan-African CEOs, Diplomats, globetrotting Artists, Entrepreneurs, Chefs, and Designers, who will be sharing their success stories, the wealth of knowledge and their winning strategies with our listeners weekly.
Join 410 million Francophone native speakers every Wednesday evenings from 7 pm for your new prime rendez-vous on everything business on
Be sure to catch your Host Venicia GUINOT from TROPICS MAGAZINE and her Co-Host Neo NEMBE from Afrique Progres Magazine and engage with us on social media using our official hashtags: #AfricaBusinessRadio and #ToutAfroToutBusiness

IJERE Africa

23 EPISODES |  Podcast, ±53 min episode every 4 weeks, 2 days
For the those who want to get ahead and stay ahead, this show is for you. We discuss opportunities, trends and break down the intricacies of running a business as an entrepreneur in Africa.
The show that gives valuable and much-needed information to the modern-day businesswoman in Africa. Targeting entrepreneurs, women in corporate and women aspiring to get into business the show offers information on opportunities, mentorship, the ins and outs of running a business in Africa.
Wednesday from 15hr00 CAT facebook/Africabusinessradio | Instagram/africabusinessradio | Twitter : @africabizradio

Connecting Minds

8 EPISODES |  Podcast, ±17 min episode every 1 hour
The Mandela Institute for Development Studies (MINDS) is an Africa-wide think tank which provides a forum for dialogue, information dissemination, and networking, underpinned by rigorous research on the different elements of African Heritage in order to shape policy and practice on governance, economic development and the evolution of African institutions.

The Lion Show

7 EPISODES |  Podcast, ±42 min episode every 1 week, 2 days
We drive conversation/discussion about the entrepreneurial landscape in Africa, major hashtags and trending topics on social media, and challenging popular marketing (this includes branding, sales, innovation etc) ideas. We hope to inspire you to challenge their pre-existing perspectives on Southern Africa’s entrepreneur & marketing landscape.

Campus Africa

29 EPISODES |  Podcast, ±54 min episode every 2 weeks, 1 day
This show looks at Higher Education, Vocational and Technical Training on the African continent seeking to celebrate the progress made thus far and the changing the narrative of Africa’s education system. CAMPUS Africa will have conversations around education, personal development, Entrepreneurship development on campus and lifestyle, finances and keep students informed with any developments in their institutions of higher learning.

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