Ndifuna Ukwazi

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Ndifuna Ukwazi provides legal, research and organising support to communities in struggles for urban land justice, affordable housing and tenure security.

Advice Assembly

3 EPISODES |  Podcast, ±25 min episode every 4 days
An Advice Assembly is usually a weekly meeting of tenants, occupiers, and activists hosted by Reclaim the City and Ndifuna Ukwazi. It is a space to learn about eviction processes and law, and stand in solidarity to prevent and resist unlawful evictions and unfair landlord practices. In the context of the pandemic and lockdown measures which limited public gatherings, we realised that this space was and is still needed. Social solidarity and sharing of knowledge are essential now.

It is in this regard that we collaborated with Radio 786 as an established and trusted source of information for the community to provide both educational and practical legal advice on various tenant-landlord scenarios as well as information sessions on issues pertaining to land justice in Cape Town.