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Our main aim to show importance of God and Bible to the society

Bible's Roar

9 EPISODES |  Series, ±19 min episode total time 2 hr 58 min
The mainly explains Importance of God and Bible to this world and where science was failure there Bible started. 1. Extinction of Dinosaurs on the earth 2.Does science succeed in the Human Genome project? 3.Extraterrestrial creatures or confused human beings? 4. Failure of Biosphere-2 5.Major cause behind Tsunami 6.Is spectre of AIDS a making of America? 7. Bible of Yore which predicted the pollution of Today 8.Science what is your competence? 9. The life book of Baghdad revealed in Bible 10. Is protection of Israelites a pat to America? 11. Science bowed to Bible 12. The word of God challenging modern day science! 13. Oh Man! Is your Birthday a secret ? 14. The forms of Energy of God 15. Resurrection of Dead bodies 16. How does the world End? 17.Does wisdom exist in the East? 18. Unique is Man's Birth:Useless if he wouldn't know! 19.Stars that spread the knowledge of Bible in the blue sky 20. Bible revealing the accurate location of Earth 21. Birth place of the Early man Is Asia or Africa?