Radio Al Ansaar

With most of the media being controlled and influenced by non-Muslim based organizations, it was only a matter of time until a group of Muslim visionaries who had founded the Al Ansaar Foundation back in 1994 began toying with the concept of Islamic based community radio. The community needed a radio station that would educate, uplift and ultimately unite the Muslim community. With a revamped programme lineup, interactive phone-in segments, special invited guests, dynamic presenters and a dedicated team comprising of technicians, administration and support staff, Radio Al Ansaar is now the only community based Muslim radio station in Kwa Zulu Natal.

Al Ansaar drama series

13 EPISODES |  Podcast, ±11 min episode every day
***(Please note the characters of this drama are fictitious & do not resemble any real life person or family and if so, is pure coincidence)*** Setting: Ramadaan in Overport season 2 features 4 families who live in “TK Mansions” owned by Mr Tahir Kareem a self-absorbed megalomaniac. Flat one sees the Jhazbhai family whose sons social ills see the family name dragged through the mud. Within the walls of Flat 13 resides the Ahmad family, your pretty average couple, with a daughter who’s always the talk of the town...why? Flat 17 sees the Karwa family; a family steeped in the Deen but are heavily afflicted by circumstances. And finally the Ismail family of flat 21 each with their own issues,A father whos just been paid out from his firm,a nagging mother, a married son who can’t be with his newly found soul mate & a deranged domestic, who keeps helping herself to the fridge! This RAMADAAN will we see a change of heart?

18 channels

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