Things that matter - a podcast about people, for people

This podcast will highlight mostly lesser-known issues that hosts, Donna Reid and Chantal Meugens feel strongly about, as well as other topics that are interesting and unusual.

Things that matter - A podcast about people for people

30 EPISODES |  Series, ±17 min episode total time 8 hr 43 min
A podcast about people for people, Things that Matter deals with topics that hosts Donna Reid and Chantal Meugens feel strongly about. Subjects covered may be topical or just plain interesting and informative. Donna and Chantal invite listeners to submit topics that they would like to learn more about or to discuss. Some of these topics may be integrated into topics that may already be in process, or if it's something unique, could even have an episode of its own. We look forward to bringing you interesting stories about people or things that matter to us and we are pretty sure, to other people. Take care and stay safe and healthy!