Exclusive Books

Exclusive Books has a rich history - a colourful past of peaceful protest, fascinating stories and a family of staff, all boasting eclectic and wide-ranging knowledge. We are more than a store: we are a shared cultural touchpoint with personality and authority made possible through passion and an undying love of literature.

We opened our first store on King George Street in Johannesburg in 1951 and have since expanded to close to 50 stores with 1 in Botswana and one that can only be found in the sky - www.exclusivebooks.co.za. While we may be online, at heart we remain as we started out: a quirky local bookstore staffed by the keenest of readers and still crazy about books after all these years

The Homebru Podcasts

7 EPISODES |  Series, ±31 min episode total time 3 hr 39 min
In between the pages of budding local authors and our established homegrown greats, you’ll find tales like they’ve never been told before. Introduce yourself to our page turning collection of South African wordsmiths. Better yet, meet them in their own words.

As part of our Homebru celebration we are excited to announce that we will be hosting a series of Homebru author discussion podcasts with Jonathan Ancer and Dan Dewes.