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© Rich Ideas Group (Pty) Ltd Financial planning is so often an overwhelming, time-consuming, and downright scary thing. Many of you feel pressured into making decisions that will impact your financial wellbeing with limited amounts of knowledge, and complicated jargon-filled documents that are nearly impossible to understand.

At Rich Ideas, we feel it is essential to cut through all of that complexity by focusing on you and your unique needs.

This podcast, hosted by Terence and his guests, aims to provide clarity, peace of mind and allow you to make educated and informed decisions about all aspects of wealth, business, secondary incomes, international business, tax and plenty other topics..

Rich Ideas Group - Financial Planning Podcast

47 EPISODES |  Podcast, ±13 min episode every 2 weeks, 5 days
Terence Tobin hosts this podcast series to discuss various aspects of wealth creation, financial planning, business, marketing, tax and investments with both a local and global markets in mind. My aim is to have the podcast recordings to be under 10 minutes, for a quick lesson.

Focusing on your financial wellbeing, Terence and his guests will cover a wide range of topics, covering personal and business financial planning, tax, accounting, investments, money managements and ultimately wealth creation and wealth preservation.

Your questions and comments and guest recommendations are encouraged and welcomed.

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