Unimaths Intro Workbook

24 EPISODES |  Book, ±4 min episode total time 1 hr 55 min
The workbook was produced while teaching students at COSAT, Khayelitsha, as part of their Saturday bridging maths course. This way the workbook was developed in context, directed by the time and aptitude constraints of the matric learners. The idea has been to provide a user friendly intro to university maths, covering many of the critical ideas that a student would have to face anyway, but before they actually arrive in the really hectic environment of first year university.

The workbook is presented as 15 lessons across 8 sections with each lesson taking roughly 2 hours to complete. There are fully worked solutions at the end of each lesson and additional technique practice questions for each section, also with fully worked solutions, are available on the Unimaths Channel.
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