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Blox Media, a division of On The Edge Blox for Business, focuses on creating informative podcasts, hosted by Ian Bessarabia.

The rules of the game have changed.
Our purpose is to seek out what's going to happen before it unfolds.
Life is too short to wait for an invitation. As a life coach and motivational speaker, Ian’s mission is to help people awaken to the possibilities in their personal and professional lives.

"The Lunch Bite"
Lunchtime is a key switch-on time for many listeners. As at breakfast time, listeners typically don’t want to be overly challenged or provoked over their sandwiches or salads. The show fits neatly into a listener’s regimen of media consumption.

The Lunch Bite on 101.9 ChaiFM

30 EPISODES |  Podcast, ±17 min episode every 5 days
Lunchtime is your key switch-on time. Join Ian Bess for an hour of trending news, interesting stories, great music & creative ideas for dinner and possibly a dose of sport.
While you take time out for lunch, a workout, fetching your kids or running errands, listen to the The Lunch Bite, weekdays @ Noon!

Meticulously planned, researched with scripted programming - Not really!
Listen in to find out Why!

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