Hi, my name is Guidance. I am the lead Pastor at Ascend Church, artist, businessman, author and a disciple of Jesus. You are probably thinking I do too much, and I completely agree! I wear so many hats, but all of them are all about being a communicator. I found my purpose as a strong messenger of hope in a dark and scary world, and to use all mediums of my gifting to share about Hope through Christ. My passion is to reach young people, make disciples and change the world. Oh yeah, I’m a world changer too!
Dynamic preacher, businessman and kingdom communicator, we are pursuing the intention of God globally, a focus on mission and a relentless pursuit of God's truth

God's Idea

1 EPISODES |  Series
God’s idea is a space in which we discuss often misunderstood scriptures, concepts and ideals. Questions that a lot of Christians have never really asked or do not have answers to.
We want to address the greatest enemy of the church in the 21st centurion, the spirit of deception.

God’s idea is how we clear the air, correct our culture and fix our way of thinking so we can align ourselves to the mind of God.