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We are a fully fledged brand that provides radio facilities that companies and organisations can use to connect and reach audiences in real time, targeted and effective manner. With the changes that are taking place rapidly in the economy, it is important to remain relevant with your stakeholders, communities and customers especially when they are able to access information from other sources such as social media namely Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn among others.


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The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) is a government entity responsible for distributing social grants to more than 16 million deserving South Africans. Operating since 2006, SASSA continues to pride itself as one of government's flagship agencies aimed at mitigating the devastating impact of poverty and unemployment prevalent in our society. Through the distribution of various social grants SASSA aims at poverty elimination, promotion of social cohesion as well as contributing to economic development.

KZN African National Congress

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The African National Congress (ANC) is the Republic of South Africa's governing political party. It has been the ruling party of post-apartheid South Africa since the election of Nelson Mandela in the 1994 election, winning every election since then. Cyril Ramaphosa, the incumbent President of South Africa, has served as leader of the ANC since 18 December 2017.[4]

Founded on 8 January 1912 by John Langalibalele Dube in Bloemfontein as the South African Native National Congress (SANNC), its primary mission was to bring all Africans together as one people, to defend their rights and freedoms. This included giving full voting rights to black South Africans and mixed-race South Africans and, from 1948 onwards, to end the system of apartheid introduced by the Nationalist Party government after their election (by White voters only) in that year.[5]

The ANC originally attempted to use non-violent protests to end apartheid; however, the Sharpeville massacre in March 1960, in which 69 black Africans were shot and killed by police and hundreds wounded during a peaceful protest, contributed to deteriorating relations with the South African government. On 8 April 1960, the administration of Charles Robberts Swart banned the ANC in South Africa.[6] After the ban, the ANC formed the Umkhonto we Sizwe (Spear of the Nation) to fight against apartheid utilising guerrilla warfare and sabotage.

EThekwini Municipality

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EThekwini Municipality is a Category A municipality found in the South African province of KwaZulu-Natal. The area is topographically hilly, with many gorges and ravines, and almost no true coastal plain. Durban has a turbulent history dating from ivory hunters in the 1820s and their conflict with the local Zulu monarchs.

The province has the largest number of battlefields. The world-class Durban Chief Albert Luthuli International Convention Centre (ICC) has hosted a historic line-up of events including conferences of a global scale.

eThekwini is the largest City in this province and the third largest city in the country. It is a sophisticated cosmopolitan city of over 3 442 398 people (as per 2011 Census). It is known as the home of Africa's best-managed, busiest port and is also a major centre of tourism because of the city's warm subtropical climate and extensive beaches. ​​

Its land area of 2,297 square km is comparatively larger than other South African cities. Durban Tourism is the leading domestic destination in South Africa. The estimated visitor numbers for the financial year 2010/11 is 9.95 million.

International visitors increased by 2.92 % to 669 585 for the year. This is partly to due to the 2010 World Cup, as Durban was one of the host cities. The value of our domestic tourism economic impact on the region’s GDP is estimated to be 8. % per annum. Hotel occupancy in Durban for the year averaged 65.17% which is better than the national average.

Hospitality industry consists of many fine hotels, nightspots, shopping malls, ethnic attractions, traditional villages, craft markets, sparkling dams and big-game parks, such as, Mitchell Park where 100 year old Admiral tortoise is kept.

UMgungundlovu District Municipality

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Vision uMgungundlovu District Municipality will evolve into a dynamic metropolitan municipality, spreading its vibrant economic benefits to all its citizens and places and will, through concerted integrated development and service delivery, realise improvements in the overall quality of life.


The uMgungundlovu District Municipality will through sound governance and community participation ensure the provision of the table and sustainable services and economic growth.

KZN Legislature

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The adoption of both the Interim Constitution of the Republic of South Africa in 1993 and the final Constitution of the Republic of South Africa in 1996 has been a major milestone in achieving freedom in South Africa and in establishing a democratic state founded on principles such as the supremacy of the Constitution and the of rule of law.

The Constitution has ensured that South Africa continues to develop as a constitutional state, that is, one where political power is restricted in various ways and in which the Constitution serves as the golden standard for the legitimate exercise of public power.

The separation of powers is one such restriction and is a means to ensure protection of rights by way of the distribution of political power between different institutions and persons. The idea is that good governance is more likely when political power is distributed to various actors as opposed to being concentrated in one person. The objective is to prevent the abuse of political power. Under this principle, specific functions, duties and responsibilities are allocated to different institutions with specific areas of jurisdiction.

In South Africa, broadly speaking, this has led to a separation of public powers between the legislature (concerned with the making of laws), the executive (concerned with the application and execution of laws) and the judiciary (concerned with the resolution of disputes). However, it is important to note that the separation of powers is not absolute in South Africa. Instead, the powers, functions and institutions of the three branches of government are inter-related. Thus, the exercise of core functions of one branch may be subject to limitations, checks and balances exercised by another branch.

Governmental structures in South Africa are established by the Constitution. The Constitution provides for the establishment of three spheres of government, namely national, provincial and local which, although distinct, are also inter-depende

City of Umhlathuze local Municipality

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The Port City of uMhlathuze offering a high quality of life for all its citizens through sustainable development and inclusive economic growth
The City of uMhlathuze commits itself to:

Job creation and inclusive economic growth through accelerated economic development and transformation;
Enhancing industry based skills development and strategic support to education priority programmes;
Community based initiatives to improve quality of citizens health and well-being;
Creating safer city through integrated and community based public safety;
Planned and accelerated rural development interventions;
Promotion and maintenance of spatial equity and transformation;
Optimal management of natural resources and ccommitment to sustainable environmental management;
Use of Information, Communication and Technology Systems (ICT) to improve productivity and efficiencies in line with Smart City principles; and
Good governance, capable and developmental municipality

Mhlathuze water

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Mhlathuze Water is supplied by three dominant water sources namely: Mhlathuze River, Lake Mzingazi and Lake Nsezi. The organization’s business activities include raw (untreated), clarified (partially treated) and purified water supply; disposal of industrial and domestic waste water; and scientific services The organisation provides these bulk water services in a sustainable and cost-effective manner.

The organisation’s major clients include: Foskor, Richards Bay Minerals, City of uMhlathuze and Mondi.

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