The GeltonNation

The GeltonNation we speak with local people who are doing big things, be in business or otherwise. We give recognition to the unsung role models who are a positive influence in their area and have the power to influence to a bigger audience if given a platform. With the interviews, we seek to inspire everyone who is finding themselves on the verge of giving up by showing them other ordinary people who refuse to give in.

Sober Alcoholics: The Podcasts.

5 EPISODES |  Podcast, ±10 min episode every 14 weeks, 1 day
For those deemed as not in a place to complain because they've had better in life. For those not fully understood by society, Sober Alcoholics is those who often find themselves often on the wrong side of the status quo, and therefore they are forced to question in.
These are Sober Alcoholics. We are The GeltonNation