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Sincerely Black Love

21 EPISODES |  Podcast, ±37 min episode every 3 weeks, 3 days
Hakeem Anderson-Lesolang's take on relationships, mindfulness, wellness, healthy partnerships, wealth creation in a family setting and parenting as a black father.

I've done my worst to myself, my relationships, and black love and burnt enough times to know it's not worth it being your base self and I have taken leave to change it around and have helped others do the same.

This podcast is about impacting you, your lover and letting your relationship thrive so you can do love instead of ruining it. Whether you're single, dating, married, separated or divorced & a parent, I want to help mend what we break & what others broke in us.

Sincerely Black Love is my ode to what carries me through life in the most beautiful way I've ever known.

I know you'll love it and love yourself from it.

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— h.a-l | @HakeemAndrsn