1 Jun – In the past week, Soccer officials were arrested in what is now known as the Fifa saga solicited $150m in bribes and kickbacks. The culture of kickbacks is not one that’s only exclusive to soccer. The term "kickback" is used to refer to the misappropriation of funds that enriches a person of power or influence - who then uses the power or influence to make a different individual, organization, or company richer. Often, kickbacks result from a corrupt bidding scheme, where an official awards the contract to a company, even though the company did not place the lowest bid. In exchange for this corrupt practice, the company pays the official a portion of the profits. This portion is the called the kickback. On the Forum @8 this morning we ask: How do we deal with the culture of kickbacks in South Africa? Our guests, Researcher and public policy analyst and also an Opinions Editor at Sowetan Nompumelelo Runji, founder and Managing Director of Ethics Monitoring and Management Servicesand Nkosikhulule Nyembezi, a Civic society convener of the National Anti-Corruption Forum share their views with us