EP58: AFSTEREO - From Zero Tolerance to Content & Context Analysis

Zero tolerance for any form of ad-fraud is a cornerstone of the WFA Global Media Charter. There must be compensation for any and all forms of media non-delivery.

Against that backdrop the need for third party verification would seem to be self-evident. And yet auditing and campaign tracking is by no means a ubiquitous practice.

Is ad fraud and media non-delivery even an issue in South Africa?
This week on The Doc and The Guru chat with Andrew McFarlane and Quentin Stewart from AFSTEREO. Established in 2004 AFSTEREO is a leading South African supplier of real-time radio, TV advertising and music tracking data to all facets of the #media, #marketing, #research and music industries.

Listen and download #free this week’s The Doc and The Guru podcast as we explore the roots of tracking technology and more recent #digital innovations in strategic content and context evaluation.

In the 60s we believed Marshall McLuhan when he said The Medium is the Message. In today’s platform-saturated media landscape we now realise that The Message is the Message.
Proving that you’ve delivered an ad is non-negotiable.
Proving that you delivered it to the right destination is the real communication challenge.

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